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Sex Offenses Continued

Computer/ Internet

  1. How Does One Remove a Name from the Megan’s Law Internet Listing?

  2. The Megan's Law Website Should Be Used by Police Only

  3. Is Having Child Porn on a Temporary Internet File Illegal?

  4. Beware of Computer Co-ownership If It Is Used for a Crime

  5. Sexting Conviction Requires Sex Offender Registration

  6. May a Judge Restrict a Sex Offender's Internet Use at Home?

  7. May a Court Ban a Sex Offender from Posting on Facebook?

Registration/ Sex Offender

  1. Registration As a Sex Offender under Penal Code § 290?

  2. 25 Year Sentence for Failure to Register As Sex Offender?

  3. Penal Code § 290 Obligation Not Changed When Felony Reduced

  4. Can Felony Child Endangerment Lead to PC 290 Registration?

  5. Longer Sentence for Sex Case Defendant If PC 290 Registrant

  6. Registration As a Sex Offender Required If Plea Did Not?

  7. Police Fail to Notify 290 Registrant of Duty to Re-Register

  8. What Is SB358 and How Does It Change PC 290 Registration?

Sexually Violent Predators / SVP

  1. What Is a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP)? Consequences?

  2. Sexually Violent Predator Reporting to Police Every 90 Days?

  3. Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Trial Verdict Reversed

  4. Is Negligently Late-Filed Petition to Commit an SVP Barred?

  5. May a Judge Commit One As an SVP Before His Sentence Ends?
  6. Is Innocence Required for Malpractice Action for an SVP?

Sex offenses / Other

  1. What Is Indecent Exposure (Penal Code § 314)? Defenses?

  2. I’m 18, She’s 15; We’re Dating; Is that a Problem?  Illegal?
  3. In Sex Crime, Can a Statue of Limitations Be Flexible?

  4. Standard Sex Offender Probation Conditions in Orange County

  5. Consecutive, Not Concurrent Sentences, Upheld in Sex Case

  6. What Is a STATIC-99 Report? How Is It Used and Why?

  7. Lady Consents to Sex with Impersonator of Boyfriend - Rape?

  8. The Right to Show Victim's Prior False Sex Assault Claims

  9. Court May Exclude Molestation Victim's Sexual History?

  10. Juvenile Sentence of 254 Years for Sex Crime Set Aside

  11. Court Decides California Sex Offender Law Unconstitutional

  12. When Is Lifetime Supervised Release Proper for Sex Offender?

  13. Irvine's Law Barring Sex Offenders from Entering Parks

  14. Probation Condition Vacated for Sex Offender Dating Liberty

  15. What Is a Pretext Call in a Sex Offense Case & Why Dangerous?

  16. Admission to Psychotherapist of Sexual Abuse Not Privileged

  17. Teen Avoids Strike under One Strike Law in Sex Crime

  18. Can a Judge Require Polygraph Tests for Sex Offenders?

  19. Restitution Proper in Sex Offense Case for Mental Suffering

  20. Do Sex Offender Residency Restrictions Apply to Probation?
  21. Improper Use of 1108 Evidence Vacates 105 Year Sentence
  22. Can a Judge Condition Probation on a Fifth Amendment Waiver?
  23. Can Chelsea’s Law Mandate a Fifth Amendment Rights Waiver?
  24. What Is the Law About Being a Peeping Tom (PC § 647(i))?
  25. Effect of a Prostitution Conviction on a Dentist’s License?

Shoplifting / Petty Theft

  1. What Is Shoplifting, Its Defenses and Possible Punishment?

  2. What Punishment Do I Face for Shoplifting? Probation?

  3. Shoplifting, Diversion & Immigration Problems – What to Do?

  4. Immigration Consequences of a Conviction for Shoplifting

  5. Store Security Video Evidence Alone Can Convict Shoplifter

  6. Got Caught Shoplifting; Now Store Trying to Sue for $400?

  7. Accessory to Shoplifting and Burglary Charges - Defensible?

  8. New Petty Theft Limit Changes Some Grand Theft Convictions

  9. Prop 47: Does Shoplifting Include Breaking into a Machine?
  10. Prop 47: Is Theft by False Pretenses Considered Shoplifting?

Theft offenses


  1. What Is Commercial Burglary (PC § 459) and Its Defenses?

  2. Restitution in Burglary Case Can Include Receiver of Loot

  3. Conviction Reversed for Burglary by Acetylene Torch at Store

  4. Conviction Reversed for Conspiracy to Commit Burglary

  5. Opening Garage Door with Stolen Remote Is Not Burglary

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