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Public Urination Case Results - Cases 9 & Higher

If you want to read about more of our public urination cases, please click on the case summaries below to read a detailed description of each case.
  1. Hermosa Beach, Urinating on a Wall, Plea to Infraction

  2. Hermosa Beach, Peeing in Alley, PC 372, Plea to Infraction

  3. Hermosa Beach, Charge of Public Nuisance, Plea to Infraction

  4. Hermosa Beach, Public Nuisance (PC 372), Dismissed

  5. Long Beach, Public Urination, § 9.25.010, $25, Infraction

  6. Hermosa Beach, Public Urination, Plea to Infraction, $50

  7. Hermosa Beach, Misdemeanor Public Urination, Infraction

  8. Hermosa Beach, Public Urination Ticket Dismissed, No Plea

  9. Hermosa Beach, Urinating Behind Bank, $150 Fine, 10 AA's

  10. Hermosa Beach, Misdemeanor Ticket to Infraction, 10 AA's

  11. Hermosa Beach, Ticketed in Parking Structure, Case Dismissed

  12. Hermosa Beach, Urinating in Parking Lot, Infraction, $515

  13. Manhattan Beach, Peeing in Broad Daylight, Plea to PC 415

  14. Hermosa Beach, Urinating in Parking Structure, Infraction

  15. Hermosa Beach, Urinating by Scotty's, Plea to Infraction

  16. Hermosa Beach, Public Nuisance, First Ever AB2124 Grant

  17. Hermosa Beach, Public Nuisance, AB2124 Granted, Dismissal

  18. Hermosa Beach, Public Urination, Diversion AB2124, Dismissal

  19. Santa Monica, Public Urination, Plea to Infraction, No Fines

  20. Hermosa Beach, Public Urination, Plea with $100 Fine, PC 415

  21. 2 Public Urination Tickets in 3 Months, Infractions for Both

  22. Fullerton, Public Urination, Dismissed After $300 Donation

  23. Hermosa Beach, Public Urination, Infraction & $700 Donation

  24. Santa Monica, Public Urination 5.08.110(D), AB2124 Diversion

  25. Public Urination, Hermosa Beach, Judicial Diversion

  26. Long Beach, Public Urination Case Dismissed by Judge

  27. Fullerton Public Urination, Reduced to Infraction, $50 Fine

  28. Birthday Celebration, Public Urination, Judicial Diversion

  29. Misdemeanor Public Urination Resolved As Infraction PC 415

  30. Trial, Long Beach, Public Urination Case Dismissed

  31. Fullerton, Public Urination, Misdemeanor to Infraction, $280

  32. Fullerton, Public Urination, $300 Donation, Case Dismissed

  33. Downey, Public Urination (Municipal Code § 4116), Dismissal

  34. Public Urination, Fullerton, $300 Donation, Case Dismissed

  35. Santa Monica, Urinating on Police Station, LAMC 11.16.050

  36. Female Public Urination, Hermosa Beach, Judicial Diversion

  37. Fullerton Municipal Code 7.110.010 Public Urination Dismiss

  38. Fullerton, Public Urination, Civil Compromise, Dismissal

  39. North Hollywood Public Urination, Reduce to Infraction
  40. Hermosa Beach, Client Sits in His Own Urine, Infraction 415
  41. Hermosa Beach, Public Urination, Infraction 415(2), $0 Fine
  42. Fullerton Public Urination Ticket Downtown, No Case Filed
  43. Fullerton Public Urination, Two Clients, Civil Compromise
  44. Fullerton Public Urination, Straight Dismissal, No Donation
  45. Huntington Beach Public Urination, Misdemeanor to Infraction
  46. Public Urination, Fullerton, Case Dismissed under PC § 1385
  47. Fullerton, Public Urination Near Hopscotch Bar, Dismissal
  48. Public Urination, PC 372, Hermosa Beach, Immigration Issues
  49. Hermosa Beach, Female Public Urination, Infraction
  50. Fullerton Public Urination, Female Client, Case Dismissed
  51. Fullerton, Near Heroes Bar, Public Urination, Dismissal
  52. Attorney Cited for Public Urination in Manhattan Beach
  53. Santa Monica Public Urination, Reduced to Infraction
  54. Fullerton Public Urination, Civil Compromise, Dismissed
  55. Downey, Public Urination, Reduced to Infraction, $50 Fine
  56. Santa Monica, LAMC 5.08.110 Public Urination, Plea to 415
  57. Hermosa Beach Public Urination, Plea to 415(2) Infraction
  58. Downey Public Urination Infraction, Client Has Prior History
  59. Downey, Public Urination Near Mamba Bar, Infraction
  60. West Covina Public Urination, 3 Prior DUI’s, No File
  61. Hermosa Beach, Client Urinated Inside Restaurant by Kitchen
  62. Long Beach, Public Urination (9.25.010) Downtown, No File
  63. Downey, Public Urination Near Joseph’s Bar & Grill, DMC 4115C
  64. Hermosa Beach, Public Urination, Cop Provides Hand Sanitizer
  65. Santa Monica Public Urination, SMMC 5.08.110(D), Plea to 415
  66. Client, Age 35, Public Urination, Hermosa Beach, Infraction
  67. Downey Public Urination by Peking Chinese Restaurant
  68. Downey, Public Urination off Second Street, DMC 4115
  69. Public Urination, Downey, Client Not a U.S. Citizen
  70. Public Urination, Hermosa Beach, Client Has 2 Prior DUI’s
  71. Public Urination, Downey, Near Anarchy Library, Infraction
  72. Downey, Public Urination, Real Estate Agent, Infraction
  73. Long Beach, Public Urination, P.A.T.H. Diversion, Dismissal
  74. Professional Soccer Player, Public Urination, Infraction
  75. Police Officer & Friend, Public Urination, Hermosa Beach
  76. Long Beach, Public Urination (LBMC § 9.25.010), Diversion
  77. Long Beach, Public Urination Downtown, PATH Diversion
  78. Hermosa Beach Public Urination on 11th St., Infraction 415
  79. Hermosa Beach Public Urination, Judicial Diversion Granted
  80. Public Urination, Seal Beach, 10 AA’s for a Dismissal
  81. 2012 Hermosa Beach Public Urination, Judicial Diversion
  82. Downey, Public Urination, 90-Day DA Diversion, Dismissal
  83. Fullerton, Public Urination by Heroes Bar, Case Dismissed
  84. Fullerton, Public Urination Behind Roscoe’s Famous Deli
  85. Public Urination, Hermosa Beach, Judicial Diversion
  86. Public Urination, Hermosa Beach by ATM, Judicial Diversion
  87. Public Urination, Hermosa Beach, Public Restrooms Locked
  88. Fullerton Public Urination Behind El Matador, Dismissed
  89. Public Urination Hermosa Beach, Judicial Diversion, No Fine
  90. Hermosa Beach Public Urination, City Prosecutor Diversion
  91. Public Urination, Downey, Informal Diversion, Dismissal
  92. Public Urination Hermosa Beach, Judicial Diversion, Donation
  93. Public Urination, Hermosa Beach, $350 “Donation,” Dismissal
  94. Bench Warrant, Public Urination Santa Monica, Airport Court
  95. 35-Year Old Cited for Public Urination, Hermosa Beach
  96. Hermosa Beach, Public Urination Ticket, Donation, Dismissal
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