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Criminal Defense Articles 1072-1145

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    1. How to Fight a DUI from a DUI Checkpoint Stop
    2. How Do I Get My Driver’s License Back After a DUI?
    3. What Is the Community Caretaking Warrant Exception?
    4. Is a Certificate of Probable Cause Required for SB1393?
    5. Can False Testimony Support Habeas Corpus Relief?
    6. When Can a Vehicle Code Infraction Become a Misdemeanor?
    7. What Is Cognitive Development Disability Diversion?
    8. Is Senate Bill 1391 Unconstitutional under Prop 57?
    9. Can One Commit Robbery If the Victim Never Put in Fear?
    10. Is Prop 64 Relief Viewed by Courts Narrowly or Broadly?
    11. Motion to Suppress Granted After Unlawful Detention?
    12. Is It a Crime to Talk in Court with Someone in Custody?
    13. Does Mental Health Diversion Apply in Juvenile Court?
    14. Senate Bill 1421- More Public Overview of Police
    15. Is a Certificate of Probable Cause Needed for SB620 Relief?
    16. What Is Evidence Code § 1161(b) and When Does It Apply?
    17. Does a DUI Affect DACA Eligibility? Immigration Bond?
    18. Restitution: Is Some Factual Nexus to Conduct Enough?
    19. What Is the Antiquity Defense to 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)?
    20. What Is Officer-Induced Confusion in a DUI Admonition?
    21. Can Mental Health Diversion Be Sought After Sentencing?
    22. A Lenient View of Mental Health Diversion
    23. Why Is Credibility Important in a Criminal Case?
    24. AB109, Realignment, Felony Imprisonment in County Jail
    25. Pitchess Data - Brady Alerts Are Permissible Again
    26. Did the Prosecutor Threaten Perjury If Defendant Testifies?
    27. When Is a Sex Case Sentence Cruel and Unusual Punishment?
    28. Stop and Frisk Improper When Anonymous Tip Involves Gun
    29. Sixth Amendment Violation & Intent to Maintain Innocence
    30. If Judgement Isn’t Final Is Mental Health Diversion OK?
    31. What Evidence Sufficiently Shows Intent to Cause GBI?
    32. Before Imposing Fines and Fees, What Must Judge Do?
    33. SB 1437 and Murder As Natural & Probable Consequences?
    34. What Is a Dirk or Dagger under Penal Code § 16470?
    35. How Long of a Sentence Violates the 8th Amendment?
    36. Duenas Challenge to Fines Is Eighth Amendment Issue?
    37. In Lying-in-Wait Murder, What Degree for Aider & Abettor?
    38. Does Senate Bill 1391 Undermine Prop 57’s Intent?
    39. What Is an Application for Commutation of a Sentence?
    40. What Is Driving with Expired Registration (VC § 5204(a))?
    41. In Kidnapping, Is Movement of Victim 190 Feet Enough?
    42. Franklin Hearing – Tough Case for Silence at Sentencing
    43. Possession of Burglary Tools – What Intent Required?
    44. Are Miranda Warnings Required with a Jailhouse Informant?
    45. Mental Health Diversion After a Final Judgement?
    46. When Is Evidence of Silence Not an Adoptive Admission?
    47. When May Police Search a Cellphone in an Inventory Search?
    48. Is Consent to a Blood Test Illegal If Jail Threatened?
    49. Mental Health Diversion After a Trial & Jury Verdict?
    50. Don’t Forget About Restitution If Seeking Expungement
    51. The Forfeiture-by-Wrongdoing Exception to the 6th Amendment?
    52. Restitution to Parents of Children Who Are Sexually Abused?
    53. Does Pandering (PC 266i(a)(2)) Require Trying to Find John?
    54. What is the Official Records Hearsay Exception (EC § 1280)?
    55. Is Probable Cause to Search Supported by Driver Having Pot?
    56. Is the Sex Offense Exception to Mental Health Diversion OK?
    57. Motion to Vacate Plea under PC 1473.7 Properly Denied?
    58. Latest U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Racism in Picking a Jury
    59. Is Federal Court Routine Policy of Shackling Constitutional?
    60. Federal Armed Career Criminal Act & Out-of-State Convictions
    61. What Must the Prosecution Prove to Show Violation of PC 69?
    62. What is Illegal Possession of an Assault Weapon, PC 30605?
    63. What is Criminal Storage of a Firearm (PC § 25100)?
    64. What is Assault with a Deadly Weapon Using a Car?
    65. Does Acquittal for Perjury Bar Case for PC § 115(a)?
    66. Can a Judge Act under SB 1393 if Case Plea Bargained?
    67. Fourth Amendment Warrant Exception Gone for Driver ID Search
    68. Commercial Burglary versus Shoplifting and Prop 47?
    69. LWOP or Death Penalty OK If Defendant Knows Guns Involved?
    70. What is Sexual Battery (Penal Code § 243.4(e)(1))?
    71. Before Using an Ignition Interlock Device (IID), Read This.
    72. Is SB 1187 Retroactive for Competency Commitments?
    73. When is a Dismissal via Civil Compromise Not Allowed?
    74. Dismissal in the Interests of Justice (Penal Code § 1385)?
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