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Articles by Topic or Issue (Detention - Drugs)


  1. When's a Police Detention Illegal under the Fourth Amendment?

  2. Police Detention Is Illegal Based on Resemblance to Suspect

  3. Civil Case Versus Cops for Unreasonable Detention and Search

  4. What Is Fire Camp?  Who’s Eligible?  What Are the Benefits?
  5. Probable Cause and the Totality of the Circumstances
  6. Motion to Suppress Granted After Unlawful Detention?


  1. What Is a DMV Hearing for a DUI? What Should I Know?

  2. My Driver’s License Is Suspended –What Should I Do?

  3. Restricted Driver’s License for Second, Third & Fourth DUI

  4. What Are Your Options After Losing Your DMV Hearing for DUI?

  5. What Is a Critical Needs License and When Is It Issued?

  6. DMV Rejection of Rising BAC Evidence Affirmed - Why?

  7. License Suspension Despite Improper Calibration of Device

  8. For a DMV Hearing, What Is Reasonable Cause to Believe DUI?
  9. How Does a Win at the DMV Affect a DUI Case in Court?
  10. What Is an Administrative Appeal to a DMV Ruling in a DUI?
  11. Does a “Win” at a DMV Hearing Bar My DUI Case?
  12. What Does SB 485 Do for Driver’s License Suspensions?

Domestic Violence

  1. What Punishment Do I Face for Domestic Violence? Jail Time?

  2. What Is Evidence Code § 1109 in a Domestic Violence Case?

  3. What Is Battery? What Are the Defenses? Punishment?

  4. Civil Restraining Order and Criminal Domestic Violence Case?

  5. Immigration Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction

  6. Harvey Rule Not Violated on Restitution Issue in DV Case

  7. When Can a Victim’s Hearsay Statement Be Admissible?

  8. In Domestic Violence, May Victim Recover Security Expenses?
  9. Can a Judge Order a Wife to Testify Against Her Husband?
  10. What Is the Battered Woman’s Syndrome in Domestic Violence?
  11. Why Is a Conviction for Penal Code 242 Better than 273.5?
  12. Lifetime Firearm Prohibition Now for Misdemeanor 273.5
  13. Evidence Code 1109 – How to Exclude Prior Domestic Violence
  14. Domestic Violence: What Qualifies as a Dating Relationship?
  15. Domestic Violence – Evidence of Suspect’s Other Bad Acts?
  16. In DV Case, May Defendant Get Victim’s Psych Records?
  17. In DV Case, Can Victim Have Support Person in Court?
  18. Examples of Domestic Violence That May Surprise You
  19. Domestic Violence: What Facts Establish Cohabitation?
  20. Stalking – How Are the Terms of the Crime Defined?
  21. Modification or Termination of a Criminal Protective Order?
  22. What Firearm and Ammunition Conditions Apply in a DV Case?
  23. What’s a Domestic Violence Victim–Counselor Privilege?
  24. Confidentiality of Immigration Status of DV Victim?
  25. What if DV Victim Unavailable to Testify at Trial?
  26. Domestic Violence: What is Testimonial Hearsay? Admissible?
  27. Domestic Violence, Admitting Hearsay, Victim’s Mindset
  28. When Victim’s State of Mind Is and Is Not an Issue?
  29. Evidence Code § 1109 – Can It Apply to Burglary?
  30. Delay of Domestic Violence Restraining Order Hearing?
  31. Domestic Violence Restraining Orders & 5th Amendment
  32. Domestic Violence: When Prior Acts are Propensity Evidence
  33. Does Attempted Domestic Violence Prior = Enhancement?

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Drug Offenses (Possession, Sales, Transport, Manufacture)

Drug Charges

  1. What Is Manufacturing a Controlled Substance (H & S 11379.6)?

  2. What Is Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (H & S § 11364)?

  3. What Is Possession of a Controlled Substance & the Defenses?

  4. What Is Transportation of a Controlled Substance (H&S 11352)?

  5. What’s Spice and What Punishment for Its Possession or Sale?

  6. What Punishment Do I Face for Possession of Marijuana?

  7. What Is Possession of a Controlled Substance for Sale?

  8. What Is Possession of Meth for Sales (H & S § 11378)?

  9. What Is Possession of Marijuana for Sales (H & S § 11359)?

  10. What Is Business & Professions Code § 4067?  Punishment?
  11. What Is Cultivation of Marijuana (H & S § 11358)?
  12. What Is Health & Safety Code § 11550(a)?  Punishment?

Immigration / Drugs

  1. Immigration Consequences of a Conviction for a Drug Offense

  2. Removal for Alien Convicted for Use of Drug Paraphernalia

Prop 47 / Drugs
  1. Cultivating Marijuana Conviction and Prop 47 – Eligible?

  2. Does Prop 47 Apply to Offenses Related to Drugs or Theft?

  3. Prop 47 Relief on Prior Drug Convictions – Where to File?

Prop 36 /Drugs

  1. Drug Diversion Programs – Comparing Prop 36 and PC 1000

  2. AB 109 Violates Prop 36, the Court of Appeals Finds

DUI / Drugs

  1. Little Known Facts About Your Rights in DUI and the DMV

  2. 10 Things to Do (Please!) If Police Stop You for DUI

  3. DUI from Being under the Influence of Drugs (VC 23152(e))

  4. What Is a Critical Needs License and When Is It Issued?

  5. DUI Conviction Based on Ambien-Induced “Sleep Driving”?

  6. Second Degree Murder Based on DUI from Meth Affirmed

Marijuana - Prop 64 / Legalization

  1. What Is the Status on Legalizing Pot in the South Bay?
  2. Judge May Prohibit Medical Marijuana for One on Probation

  3. Medical Marijuana Collective Can Defend under Prop 215, MMPA

  4. Medical Marijuana Certificate a Defense to Pot Sales?

  5. Medical Marijuana Cultivation Expert Disqualified at Trial

  6. Are Honey Oil & Dabs Covered by Compassionate Use Act (CUA)?

  7. Medical Marijuana Cardholder Now Cannot Buy a Gun?
  8. What Are the New Rules for Marijuana Businesses in LA?
  9. Prop 64 Passed - May I Change My Prior Marijuana Conviction?

  10. What Are My Rights to Marijuana Now That Prop 64 Has Passed?

  11. How Are the Cities in Palos Verdes Implementing Prop 64?

  12. What Are California’s Regulations for Implementing Prop 64?
  13. Does Prop 64 Legalize Having Pot in Prison & Jail?
  14. Is Prop 64 Relief Viewed by Courts Narrowly or Broadly?

Search & Seizure / Drugs

  1. Warrantless Search of FedEx Package Improper; Case Dismissed

  2. Is a Warrantless Search OK When Strong Smell of Marijuana?

  3. Does Admitting to Having Marijuana Make a Search Legal?

  4. Drug Evidence Suppressed When Police Improperly Stop Vehicle

  5. Drug Dog's Incorrect Signal Can Give Police Probable Cause

  6. Drug Trafficker Shows Faulty Search Warrant Affidavit

  7. Will Homeowners Insurance Reimburse for Pot Police Take?

  8. Wiretap Information Leading to Seizure of Cocaine Denied

  9. Fourth Amendment Violation If Guest Lets DEA Agents in?

  10. Cash Seized from Suspected Drug Dealer Returned to Him

  11. Illegal for Police to Use Doctor to Get Drugs from Rectum?

  12. Is a Smell of Pot Enough to Search Someone for Weapons?

  13. Cop Finds Meth in Car During I.D. Search: Meth Suppressed?
  14. What Is the Automobile Exception to the Warrant Requirement?

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