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Articles by Topic or Issue (Drugs Continued - DUI)

Drugs Continued

Drug Convictions / Other

  1. Conviction for Possession of Materials to Produce Meth

  2. Appeals Court Overturns Conviction for Possession of Ecstasy

  3. Importing Pot Conviction Overturned for Misuse of Rap Sheet

  4. Ecstasy Opinion by Appeals Court Sure to Cause Misery

  5. Convictions Overturned for Possession and Sales of Ecstasy

  6. Reduction Denied in Federal Sentence for Drug Courier

  7. Cooking Meth with Children Present a Prison Sentence

  8. Trial on a Possession of Marijuana Below 28.5 Grams Case

  9. Is Cultivating Marijuana a Crime of Moral Turpitude?

  10. Certificate of Rehabilitation Improper - Recent Drug Offense

  11. Federal Judge Incorrectly Classifies Crack Seller As Career Offender

  12. Juvenile Found in Possession of Less Than an Ounce of Marijuana

  13. Charged with Conspiracy? What Must the Prosecutor Prove?

  14. Does a Drug Dealer Face Civil Liability If Overdose Happens?
  15. What Does It Mean to Be a Registered Narcotics Offender?
  16. What Is Drug Court? Who Is Eligible and Ineligible?
  17. What Is the Sentenced Offender Drug Court (SODC)? Diversion?
  18. Narcotics Offender Registration for Attempted Possession?
  19. Drug Tests: How Long After Use Are Certain Drugs Detectable?
  20. I Got Roofied – What Can I Do to Defend Myself in Court?
  21. Three-Year Sentence Enhancement Vacated by New Law
  22. Is It Illegal to Be Present When Others Are Using Drugs?
  23. Strategies to Avoid Deportation on a Drug Offense
  24. Can Penal Code § 12022.7 Apply to One Who Supplies Drugs?
  25. Does Prop 64 Mean I Can Have Marijuana in Prison and Jail?
  26. Possession of Controlled Substance While Armed?
  27. Trial Court Errs by Imposing 20 Kilogram Enhancement
  28. How Does SB 73 Affect Sentencing on Drug Offenses?
  29. Does Health & Safety 11370.1 Violate 2nd Amendment?

Underage DUI

  1. What Punishment Do I Face for Underage DUI (under age 21)?

  2. Conviction for Underage DUI Not the Same As a Juvenile Plea

Drugs / DUI

  1. DUI from Being under the Influence of Drugs (VC 23152(e))

  2. DUI Conviction Based on Ambien-Induced “Sleep Driving”?

  3. Second Degree Murder Based on DUI from Meth Affirmed

DUI Offenses

  1. 10 Things to Do (Please!) If Police Stop You for DUI

  2. What Punishment Might I Face for a First-Time DUI?

  3. What Punishment Do I Face for a Second DUI? Jail Time?

  4. What Punishment Do I Face for a Third DUI? Jail Time?

  5. Why Is a “Wet Reckless” (VC 23103) Better Than a DUI?

  6. What Do DUI Field Sobriety Tests (FST’s) Actually Show?

  7. What Are the Immigration Consequences of a DUI Conviction?

  8. What Happens If Police Say I Refused a Breath or Blood Test?

  9. What Are the HAM and MADD VIP Programs? What Is the Fee?

  10. What Are the AB541, AB762, AB1353 and SB38 Alcohol Programs?
  11. Questions Answered About an Ignition Interlock Device (IID)

  12. Travel to Canada If Convicted of DUI or Facing a DUI?

  13. Is a DUI or a Wet Reckless Possible on a Bicycle? Really?

  14. Is There a Forensic Evidence Hearsay Exception in DUI?

  15. Is an Endurance Athlete’s Fitness a Disadvantage in a DUI?

  16. What Is a “Rising BAC” Defense to DUI and What Facts Help?

  17. What Is the “Mouth Alcohol” Defense in a DUI Case?

  18. What Is GERD and How Does It Affect DUI? Is It Good?

  19. Why Do Police Ask If a Driver Has Diabetes in a DUI?

  20. How Lap Band (Gastric Bypass) Surgery Affects BAC in a DUI

  21. Police Can't Draw Blood without a Warrant If Suspect Refuses

  22. Can a Judge Order Curfew for an Adult on DUI Probation?

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