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Articles by Topic or Issue (Police Continued - Prop 36)

Police (Pitchess Motion / Confession / Informant) Continued

  1. Confession Inadmissible If Shorter Sentence Promised for It

  2. Police Promise of Leniency, Then Confession – Inadmissible?

  3. Detective's False Promises of Leniency Overturn Conviction

  4. Is a Promise to Disobey a Police Officer’s Order a Crime?

  5. May Police Lie About the Reason for Traffic Stop?

  6. When's a Police Detention Illegal under the Fourth Amendment?

  7. So There Was an Informant Involved in Your Case – Who Is It?
  8. When and Why Does a Judge Have to Grant a Pitchess Motion?
  9. How Can I Get Dirty Cop Records More Than 5 Years Old?
  10. Senate Bill 1421- More Public Overview of Police
  11. Pitchess Data - Brady Alerts Are Permissible Again
  12. Penal Code § 148(a)(1) as Lesser Included Offense of § 69?
  13. Brady Motion Denied When Not Related to Any Defense
  14. When Are Cops Entitled to Qualified Immunity?
  15. Excessive Force Claim Against Police Found Valid
  16. What Must Be Shown in Civil Case Against Cops?

Probation / Diversion


  1. What Is Formal Probation? Difference from Summary Probation?

  2. What Is Summary Probation? Do I Report to Anyone?

  3. May Judge Extend Summary Probation Beyond Three Years?

  4. What Probation Conditions Are Unconstitutionally Vague?

  5. Must Probation Conditions Require Defendant's Knowledge?

  6. Is a 'No Association' Probation Condition Proper?

  7. Probation Condition Authorizing Warrantless Searches Upheld

  8. Are Lie Detector Tests a Valid Probation Condition?

  9. Order to Provide Probation One's Social Media Passwords?

  10. Standard Sex Offender Probation Conditions in Orange County

  11. Probation Condition Vacated for Sex Offender Dating Liberty

  12. Juvenile Probation & Electronics Search Conditions – Legal?

  13. What Is Home on Probation (HOP) in a Juvenile Case?

  14. Can a Probation Stay Away Order Be from All CA Home Depots?
  15. Can a Homeless Person Violate PRCS By Not Having a Home?
  16. Is a Juvenile Probation Condition of No Electronics Proper?
  17. Is a Gang-Related Juvenile Probation Condition Always OK?
  18. Juvenile Probation Condition Requiring Classes Affirmed
  19. Can a Judge End Probation Early in a Domestic Violence Case?
  20. What is a Youth Offender Parole Hearing Under P.C. 3051
  21. Who is Eligible for a Youth Offender Parole Hearing?
  22. If Eligible, When’s My Youth Offender Parole Hearing?
  23. Is Probation Condition Overbroad if No Social Media?
  24. When is Someone Ineligible for Probation?  Why?
  25. Is the New Two-Year Felony Probation Law Retroactive?
  26. New Two-Year Felony Probation Period Applied to Drug Case
  27. May a Trial Court Judge Modify a Parole Condition?
  28. AB 1950, PC 1203.1(m)(1), 2 Year Probation Exceptions
  29. People v. Lent: Evaluating Mandatory Supervision Terms
  30. AB 1950 – How Long is Probation for DUI & VC 2800.2?
  31. Youth Offender Parole Hearings – Is 3051(h) Illegal?
  32. Does AB 1950 Bar Probation Revocation Hearing? No.
  33. The Legislative Intent Applied in Assembly Bill 1950
  34. Assembly Bill 1950 – Does It Apply to 273.5, 191.5?
  35. AB 1950: Probation Length for 245(a)(4), Girlfriend
  36. AB 1950: Can Judge Revoke Probation if It Ended?
  37. May Prosecutor Withdraw from Plea Bargain over AB 1950?
  38. First Appellate District: AB 1950 & 191.5 Probation.
  39. Federal Supervised Release & No Association Condition


  1. Diversion, Delayed Entry of Plea & Deferred Entry Judgment

  2. AB 2124 - Court Diversion Program in LA County

  3. What’s J.O.I.N. & Who’s Eligible for This Diversion Program?

  4. Diversion Programs in California for Armed Forces Veterans

  5. Drug Diversion Programs – Comparing Prop 36 and PC 1000

  6. Are a Stay Away Order & Residency Restriction OK in § 666?
  7. What Is the Pre-Filing Neighborhood Justice Program, or NJP?
  8. What Is Pre-Trial Diversion under Penal Code § 1001.1?
  9. What Is Bad Check Diversion under Penal Code § 1001.60?
  10. What Is Parental Diversion under Penal Code 1001.70?
  11. Judge Says Military Diversion Should Be Granted More Often
  12. Mental Health Diversion Unavailable If Trial Starts?
  13. What Should Be in a Motion for Mental Health Diversion?
  14. May Court Grant Mental Health Diversion if DA Objects?
  15. Mental Health Diversion: Must Judge Consider 1001.35?
  16. Mental Health Diversion Denial Not Abuse of Discretion
  17. Judicial Diversion Does Not Apply to Misdemeanor DUI.

Probation Violations

  1. What Happens During a Probation Violation Hearing?

  2. What Punishment Do I Face for a Probation Violation?

  3. The Right to a Timely Probation Violation Hearing: 3 Months?

  4. No Contest Plea in New Case Can Mean Probation Violation

  5. Second Probation Violation Hearing After First Hearing Ended

  6. Probation Violation Can Lead to Seven Years in County Jail

  7. Probation Violation with a 'Joint Suspended' Means Prison?

  8. May a Judge Order Additional Restitution If Defendant Violates Probation?

  9. What Is a Vickers Hearing for a Probation Violation?
  10. Is a Jury Trial a Federal Right for a Parole Violation?
  11. Probation Violation Hearing, Hearsay & Unavailable Witness
  12. Does Wende Apply in Appeal of Revoking PRCS?
  13. Impermissibly Vague Probation Condition for Associating
  14. PC 1203.2(b) and Revocation for Lifetime Parolees
  15. Does AB 1950 Apply Retroactively to Undo Revocation?
  16. AB 1950 Applied to Void Imposition of Joint Suspended

Professional Licensing

  1. Licensing Consequences of a Doctor with a Conviction?
  2. Consequences of a Conviction for a Teaching Credential?
  3. Licensing Consequences for an Attorney Convicted of a Crime
  4. What Happens to a Police Officer Convicted of a Crime?
  5. Expunged Convictions and State License Applications
  6. Effect of a Prostitution Conviction on a Dentist’s License?
  7. What Is the LEAD Program for Alcohol and Drug Education?
  8. In Licensing, What is the Substantial Relationship Test?
  9. What is a Conviction Affecting a Professional License?
  10. How Does Expungement or Sealing Affect a License?
  11. Professional License & Duty to Self-Report an Arrest?

Prop 36 / Drug Treatment

  1. Drug Diversion Programs – Comparing Prop 36 and PC 1000

  2. AB 109 Violates Prop 36, the Court of Appeals Finds

  3. Prop 36 If One’s Resentenced, How Do Excess Credits Apply?

  4. Prop 36 Resentencing Denied Due to Prior Juvenile Rape

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