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Expungement & Probation Modification Case Results - 1-70

If you want to read about our expungement and probation modification cases, please click on the case summaries below to read a detailed description of each case.

  1. Palos Verdes Estates, Statutory Rape, Conviction Expunged

  2. Torrance, Early End of Probation, Evading & Resisting Arrest

  3. Rancho Palos Verdes, Three Drug Convictions Expunged

  4. Long Beach, Domestic Violence (PC 273.5) Conviction Expunged

  5. Compton, Grand Theft (PC 487), Conviction Expunged

  6. Alhambra, Battery, Early End of Probation & Expungement

  7. Alhambra, Fight in Restaurant, PV 241, Convictions Expunged

  8. Compton, Health & Safety Code 11351 Conviction Expunged

  9. Hermosa Beach, Visa Problem in Canada, Expungement of DUI

  10. Westminster, Second Time DUI, Probation Terminated Early

  11. Torrance, Man Up for Promotion, 3 DUI Convictions Expunged

  12. Torrance, 12 Convictions (Drugs, DUI) for One Man Expunged

  13. Torrance, DUI, Probation Ended Early & Expungement

  14. Redondo Beach, Probation Ended Early & Expungement, DUI

  15. Harbor City, Sex Offense with a Minor, Conviction Expunged

  16. Manhattan Beach, Probation Ended Early & Expungement, DUI

  17. Torrance, Shoplifting at Kohl's, Probation Ended Early

  18. Van Nuys, PC 243(c) Conviction Expunged, Client a Realtor

  19. Torrance, Grand Theft, Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor

  20. Torrance, Domestic Violence, Probation Ended Early & Expunged

  21. Torrance, Domestic Violence, Probation Ended After One Year

  22. Torrance, Indecent Exposure (PC 314(1)), Conviction Expunged

  23. Whittier, Wet Reckless, Probation Ended Early & Expungement

  24. Torrance, Statutory Rape (PC 261.5), Conviction Expunged

  25. Hermosa Beach, Client Unable to Work in Canada, Expungement

  26. Redondo Beach, DUI, Probation Ended Early & Expungement

  27. Hermosa Beach, PC 415, Probation Ended Early & Expungement

  28. Long Beach, VC 23103, Probation Ended Early & Expungement

  29. Murrieta, Wet Reckless, Probation Ended Early & Expungement

  30. Airport Courthouse, Modification of Probation & Expungement

  31. Redondo Beach, Modification of Probation & Expungement

  32. Compton, Withdrawal of Plea From 2004, Deportation Averted

  33. Metro Court, Early Termination of Probation, Expungement

  34. Bellflower, Wet Reckless, Probation Ended Early, Expungement

  35. Mojave, Expungement of Failure to Appear Conviction

  36. Bellflower, Expungement of 28 Year Old Conviction for PC 476

  37. Torrance, Prostitution Conviction Expunged From 1999

  38. Bellflower, Shoplifting, Early End to Probation, Expungement

  39. Metropolitan Courthouse, Early End of Probation, Expungement

  40. Torrance & Metropolitan Courts, Expunge 2 Overlapping DUI’s

  41. Early End to Probation, Canadian Work Visa Issues Solved

  42. Ridgecrest DUI, Early Termination of Probation, Expungement

  43. Torrance DUI, Early Termination of Probation & Expungement

  44. Defrauding an Innkeeper, Probation Ends Early, Expungement

  45. Fontana, DUI Conviction for RN Candidate Expunged

  46. Client Living in New Mexico, Bench Warrant, Torrance Case

  47. Torrance, Felony Government Code 1090 to Misdemeanor, 1203.4

  48. Compton DUI, Early Termination of Probation and Expungement

  49. Torrance, Expungement so DUI Client Can Volunteer at VA

  50. Palos Verdes Estates, Early End to Probation & Expungement

  51. Torrance, Conviction for H & S § 11357, Prop 47, Expungement

  52. Pasadena, Early Termination of Probation & Expungement

  53. Inglewood, Shoplifting Resolved as Trespassing, Expunged

  54. Airport Courthouse, DUI, Early Termination of Probation

  55. Pasadena, DUI Conviction for Refusal to Submit, Expungement

  56. El Segundo, Domestic Violence, Probation Ended Early

  57. Torrance, Felony Drug Offense Conviction from 1975 Expunged
  58. Torrance, 4 Counts Receiving Stolen Property, Expunged
  59. Hermosa Beach Expungement of Infraction for Violating PC 415
  60. Redondo Beach DUI Conviction Expunged, Client Age 26
  61. Van Nuys, Expungement of Felony Possession Conviction
  62. Compton Prostitution Conviction Expunged Penal Code § 1203.4
  63. Santa Clarita Court, Expungement of P.C. 273.5(a) Conviction
  64. Torrance DUI, Resolved As Public Intoxication, Expunged
  65. San Fernando Courthouse, Expungement of PC 236 Granted
  66. Felony Possession of Pot, Reduced to Misdemeanor, Dismissal
  67. Gardena, First-Time DUI, 11 Year-Old Conviction, Expunged
  68. Palos Verdes, Felony Domestic Violence, Early End to Probation
  69. Torrance, Vehicle Code § 14601.2(a) Conviction Expunged
  70. Downtown LA, Grand Theft, $57,100, Reduced to Misdemeanor

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"Thank you so much for putting so much effort in this case. We really appreciate it and we are happy that all turned out well." S.A., Torrance
"Greg Hill did an outstanding job on every level. He was efficient, thorough, knowledgeable, courteous, responsive & brilliant. He welcomed my input and my concerns. . . from the first conversation to the last - I always felt 'it mattered' to him." S.C., Rolling Hills Estates
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"Thanks for investing in my case. I talked to other attorneys out there and they had an arms-length of attitude, but not you. Your intensity and interest helped a lot." C.R., Pomona