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Criminal Defense Articles 886-945

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  1. When Would Having a Small Wooden Bat Be a Crime (PC 22210)?

  2. In Selecting a Jury, Who Is an Ineligible Juror and Why?

  3. Why Is Reverse Extrapolation of One’s BAC Junk Science?

  4. Petition for Factual Innocence – Must One Wait to File?

  5. Probable Cause and the Totality of the Circumstances

  6. In a DUI, When Can Someone Be Convicted of Murder?

  7. When & Why Can a Court Reduce Good Time Credits to 15%?

  8. What Is the Law on Brass Knuckles?  Punishment?  Defenses?

  9. What Is the Community Caretaker Exception to a Warrant?

  10. Certificate of Rehabilitation for Parolees & Probationers

  11. Can a Judge Halt Trial Part Way If Defendant Acts Odd?

  12. How Is Prop 47 Applied to Having Counterfeit Money?

  13. When Is a Search of a Student at a Public School OK?

  14. Three-Year Sentence Enhancement Vacated by New Law

  15. Murder Conviction Vacated When DA Expert Mistaken

  16. Gang Enhancement Removed Due to Faulty Expert Opinion

  17. Confession Inadmissible When Defendant Not Mirandized?

  18. Be Careful About Being Granted Immunity and Not Testifying

  19. Is Validated Gang Membership Enough for a Gang Enhancement?

  20. Is It Legal for Police to Search a Car with No Warrant?

  21. Motion to Suppress Granted When No Articulable Suspicion

  22. When Is a Pre-Trial Identification Unduly Suggestive?

  23. What Is Second Call?  Will the Judge or Prosecutor Be Mad?
  24. Can I Expunge a Conviction If I Served Time in Prison?
  25. If There Is a Romeo and Juliet Law in California, What Is It?
  26. Identity Theft Double Jeopardy under Civil & Criminal Law
  27. When’s a Judgment Final for SB 620 for Firearm Enhancements?
  28. Is a Foiled-Lined Bag a Burglary Tool under PC 466?
  29. Can a Criminal Protective Order Cover Non-Victims?
  30. Can a Criminal Defendant Request New Counsel Anytime?
  31. Prop 57 and Increased Custody Credits by Taking Classes?
  32. Are Good Conduct Credits Increased under Prop 57? How Much?
  33. Prop 57’s Nonviolent Offender Early Parole Criteria
  34. Prop 57 and Early Parole Hearing– How Does It Work?
  35. Does an Improper DUI Admonition Make the Test Involuntary?
  36. Restitution for Pain and Suffering Allowed If PC § 288
  37. When Is a Police Pat-Down Search Valid – Bulges in Pockets?
  38. Human Trafficking of Minor for Commercial Sex, PC 236.1
  39. Can a Minor Violate PC 148(a)(1) in a Warrantless Detention?
  40. Juvenile Probation Condition Too Vague So Ruled Invalid
  41. If Police Only Offer Blood Test, Is Consent Invalid?
  42. What Is an Inventory Search?  When Is It Allowed?
  43. What Are Penalties and Assessments?  How Much Are They?
  44. What Is Brandishing a Weapon or Pulling a Gun on Someone?
  45. Can I Sue Accuser for False Allegations in Criminal Case?
  46. How Does a Win at the DMV Affect a DUI Case in Court?
  47. What Is Mental Disorder Diversion (Penal Code 1001.36)?
  48. Can I Have My DNA Destroyed If My Conviction Was Expunged?
  49. Can Prop 47 Remove an Enhancement & 5 Year Wash Out Period?
  50. Are There Limits on How Much One Can Pay in Restitution?
  51. Can a Judge End Probation Early in a Domestic Violence Case?
  52. What Will California’s Elimination of Money Bail Do?
  53. Does Vehicle Code § 2800.2 Apply on a Private Road?
  54. Does Prop 47 Allow Expungement of Juvenile DNA Profile?
  55. Can DA Assert Facts Not in Evidence in Closing Argument?
  56. Under Humphrey, Judge Must View Bail Funds Truly Available
  57. What Is Bigamy (Penal Code §§ 281 to 284)?  Punishment?
  58. What Is Senate Bill 1437 (SB 1437)?  Who Is Eligible?
  59. What Is Cultivation of Marijuana (H & S § 11358)?
  60. May a Judge Compel Testimony from an SVP, but Not an NGI?

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