Criminal Defense Articles 946 & Higher

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  1. Can Voluntary Intoxication Support Murder Self Defense?
  2. Is Check Fraud Eligible under Prop 47 for Reduction?
  3. Which Court Is Proper If Crime Occurs on a Moving Train?
  4. What Facts Allow a Court to Deny 17(b)(3) Relief?
  5. What Standard Applies to Renew a Restraining Order?
  6. What Is Penal Code § 1203.43?  Who Does It Benefit?
  7. What Is California Law on Riding an Electric Skateboard?
  8. In a DUI, Is a Blood Test Involuntary If No Admonition?
  9. Does Prop 47 Relief Bar Commitment As an MDO?
  10. What Is the LEAD Program for Alcohol and Drug Education?
  11. Why Are Prostitution Cases Being Seen As Human Trafficking?
  12. Will Sentences Improve with Elimination of Money Bail?
  13. Is PC 1001.36 (Mental Disorder Diversion) Retroactive?
  14. What Is Bad Check Diversion under Penal Code § 1001.60?
  15. What Is Parental Diversion under Penal Code 1001.70?
  16. I Was Convicted of a Felony – When & How Can I Vote?
  17. Can I Serve on a Jury After Being a Convicted Felon?
  18. What Are My Rights of Employment As a Convicted Felon?
  19. What Is Pimping and Pandering?  Punishment?  Defenses?
  20. How to Seal an Arrest Record under Penal Code § 851.87
  21. Why Eliminating Bail Makes Defense Attorneys Critical
  22. What Is Business & Professions Code § 2052? Punishment?
  23. The Exceptions to Advising Someone of Miranda Rights
  24. When Is a Statement to Police Considered Involuntary?
  25. Examples of Good Cop Behavior – Manipulative, but OK?
  26. When Are Polygraph (Lie Detectors) Results Admissible?
  27. No Cash Bail & Arraignment Deadline for One in Custody
  28. Defendant’s Right Not to Testify & Not Take the Stand
  29. Prior Convictions – How Can They Affect a Current Case
  30. Prior Convictions Outside California - Effect Here?
  31. When Can a Prior Juvenile Offense Be Used As a Prior?
  32. What Is Health & Safety Code § 11550(a)?  Punishment?
  33. Is It Illegal to Be Present When Others Are Using Drugs?
  34. What Is SB 1046 Regarding Ignition Interlock Devices?
  35. Prop 57 Not Retroactive for Juvenile While Appealing?
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