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Criminal Defense Articles 1146 - 1211

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    1. What is the Difference Between a Guilty and No Contest Plea?
    2. Penal Code § 1437.7 – Can Failure to Advise be Excusable?
    3. How Long is Too Long for Past Recollection Recorded?
    4. Can Penal Code § 12022.7 Apply to One Who Supplies Drugs?
    5. Senate Bill 1437 Does Not Apply to Attempted Murder.
    6. How is a Vehicle Defined Under Vehicle Code § 10851?
    7. Can Defendant’s Inability to Pay Bar Restitution Order?
    8. When Can a Missing Witness’ Prior Testimony be Admissible?
    9. SB 136, Abolishing One-Year Prison Prior Enhancement?
    10. Can Rap Lyrics be Introduced to Prove Crime Happened?
    11. Death Sentence Reversal & Defendant’s Mental Illness
    12. Death Sentence Reversal Due to Juror Exclusion?
    13. Presentence Conduct Credits in Sex Offense Case?
    14. What is JAWS – Juvenile Alternative Work Services?
    15. What Are the Important New Criminal Laws for 2020?
    16. How Much Movement’s Needed for Kidnapping to Commit Robbery?
    17. PC 1170.95 Resentencing (SB 1437) – 3 Requirements.
    18. U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Bad Immigration Advice.
    19. Death Sentence Reversed for 6th Amendment Violation
    20. What Are “Super Strikes” in the Context of Prop 47?
    21. Murder? Doctor Prescribes High Dose of Controlled Substance
    22. Why’s People v. Sanchez Relevant for Expert Testimony?
    23. Double Jeopardy? Murder Charge After Plea to Accessory
    24. Is Prop 57 Retroactive to Then-Pending Juvenile Cases?
    25. What is a State Court Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus?
    26. What’re Common Federal Claims Raised in Habeas Corpus Writ?
    27. Reversal of Conviction for Battery on a Police Officer
    28. Invalid Inventory Search of Car Vacates Conviction
    29. Conviction Reversed for Girlfriend’s Tirade to Jury?
    30. Inadmissible Gang Expert Testimony Allows Reversal.
    31. Does Inventory Search Allow Removal of Car Dashboard?
    32. Does SB 1437 Include a Conviction for Manslaughter?
    33. What is a Writ of Coram Nobis? What is Required in It?
    34. Writ of Coram Nobis Denied When No New Fact Presented.
    35. What Are Some Post Conviction Options to Consider?
    36. People v. Duenas Overruled by Sixth Appellate District.
    37. Duenas’ Reach Limited by Sixth Appellate District.
    38. Federal Armed Career Criminal Act Serious Drug Offense
    39. Is it Enough to Object that Sentence Greater Than Necessary?
    40. When Can a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Be Released?
    41. Does SB 1437 Apply to Voluntary Manslaughter if a Plea?
    42. What Does SB 485 Do for Driver’s License Suspensions?
    43. How Does an SB 1437 Hearing Proceed?  What Happens?
    44. SB 1437 Precursor – Habeas Writ Under Banks & Clark?
    45. What is Elder Abuse (Penal Code 368)? Defenses? Punishment?
    46. Are Miranda Warnings Critical in a DUI?  Shoplifting?
    47. What is the Difference Between Expungement and Sealing?
    48. What is the Auto-Brewery Syndrome – A DUI Defense?
    49. What is a Youth Offender Parole Hearing Under P.C. 3051
    50. How’s a Juvenile Carjacking Adjudication Not a Strike?
    51. Mental Health Diversion Retroactivity Not Intended
    52. Requirements for Murder Special Circumstance Sentence?
    53. Is Relief Under SB1437 Automatic? Must One Ask for It?
    54. When is Enhanced Sentence Proper Under PC 647.6(c)(2)?
    55. Is Failure to Testify Overt Act, Accessory After Fact?
    56. Sex Offender Excluded from Prop 57 Parole Eligibility?
    57. When Does Successive Petition Bar Habeas Petition?
    58. Conviction for P.C. 245(a)(1) and (a)(4) in Same Case?
    59. Juvenile Court Improperly Denies Motion to Seal.
    60. Double Jeopardy if Cases in Federal and State Court?
    61. What is Reckless Indifference to Human Life?
    62. Double Jeopardy if Convicted of P.C. 29610 and 25400?
    63. Is There an Attempted Estes Robbery under P.C. § 663?
    64. Writ of Habeas Corpus Granted When DA Says Issue Moot.
    65. When Is Gang Expert’s Testimony OK for Motive?
    66. Gang Enhancements Reversed When Crawford Violation

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