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Criminal Defense Articles 1009-1071

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  1. Counsel Allowed to Argue About Striking Firearm Enhancement
  2. Gang Enhancement Affirmed Due to Character Witness Testimony
  3. Is a Waiver of the Right to Appeal in a Plea Enforceable?
  4. What Will a Background Search Show After My Expungement?
  5. What Does the New Social Host Law in Palos Verdes Say?
  6. Senate Bill 180 Is Not Retroactive to Lower Prior Sentences
  7. Motion to Vacate Conviction for Wrong Immigration Advice?
  8. Are Miranda Warnings Required During a Pretext Call?
  9. Does Prop 64 Legalize Having Pot in Prison & Jail?
  10. Can I Seek Resentencing under SB 620 at Any Time?
  11. A Civil Lawsuit Arising from Criminal Sexual Assault?
  12. Failure to Advise Client of Immigration Consequences
  13. Suppressing Evidence with No Expectation of Privacy?
  14. What Is a Commercial Establishment under Prop 47, PC 459.5?
  15. What Is Involved in a Bench Warrant Recall Hearing?
  16. Does SB 620 (New PC 12022.53) Apply to Insanity Defendants?
  17. Warrantless Placement of GPS Tracker on Parolee’s Car - OK?
  18. Expungement If One Went to Jail or Prison? What’s 1203.4(a)?
  19. Beware of Who You “Friend” on Social Media – It May Be a Cop
  20. What Are Mitigating Factors for Sentencing?  Examples?
  21. What Are Aggravating Factors in Sentencing?  Examples?
  22. Is Mental Health Diversion Available in Juvenile Court?
  23. What Are the Sentencing Options in a Misdemeanor Case?
  24. Gross Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated, PC 191.5(a)?
  25. What Happens After One Is Sentenced to Prison?
  26. What Crimes Are Strikes under the Three Strikes Law?
  27. Does SB 1393 Apply Retroactively for 5 Year Enhancements?
  28. What Is Early Parole Eligibility Based on under Prop 57?
  29. May a Judge Grant an 851.8 Petition After a Conviction?
  30. Is a Two-Tiered Parole Consideration Valid?
  31. What Are Some Examples of Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude?
  32. When Can a Judge Admit a Prior Conviction to Impeach?
  33. When Are Prior Uncharged Bad Acts Admissible in Court?
  34. When Are Sentences on Multiple Convictions Concurrent?
  35. What’s the Habitual Sex Offender Sentence Enhancement?
  36. What Are Some Examples of Conduct Sentence Enhancements?
  37. DUI with a Passenger under Age 14 – What Happens?
  38. Will They File a Case?  If No, Why Not?  If Yes, Why?
  39. Evidence Code 1109 – How to Exclude Prior Domestic Violence
  40. What’re the Most Common Direct Consequences of a Conviction?
  41. Should I Go to Court with My Attorney Even If Not Required?
  42. What Is the P.A.T.H. Diversion Class?  What Happens?
  43. A Civil Compromise No Longer Applies in a Hit and Run?
  44. What Is the Flannel Doctrine of Imperfect Self-Defense?
  45. What’s a Murphy Conservatorship If Someone Declares a Doubt?
  46. 8 Crimes That Lead to Suspension of One’s Driver’s License
  47. Why One Should Not Represent Oneself If Charged with a Crime
  48. Criminal Consequences for Unpaid Child or Spousal Support?
  49. What Is an Administrative Appeal to a DMV Ruling in a DUI?
  50. Judge Says Military Diversion Should Be Granted More Often
  51. Stores Now Have Their Own Shoplifting Prevention Classes?
  52. What Is Needed for a Successful Petition under SB 1437?
  53. What Is Required and Involved in a 977(b) Appearance?
  54. Can a Car Key Be a Deadly Weapon under PC 245(a)(1)?
  55. What Is a Cruz Waiver for Sentencing at a Later Date?
  56. Under P.C. § 288.3, Must the Victim Truly Be a Minor?
  57. What Is Collateral Estoppel and When Does It Apply?
  58. Does a “Win” at a DMV Hearing Bar My DUI Case?
  59. When Can the Prosecutor Refuse to Plea Bargain a Sentence?
  60. Effective Strategies for Successful Plea Bargaining
  61. Why Is a Factual Basis for a Plea Important?
  62. Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Required in 1437.7 Relief?
  63. Motion to Suppress After Police Detention for DUI?
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