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Criminal Defense Articles 1212 - 1270

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    1. Ineffective Assistance of Counsel if CRC-Unqualified?
    2. Sanchez and Testimony About Predicate Offenses.
    3. Trial Court Judge Can Decide if Parole or PRCS Proper.
    4. Convictions Reversed When Prosecutor Misstates Law
    5. What is Soliciting or Engaging in Lewd Acts in Public?
    6. Traffic Stop OK if Registered Owner’s License Revoked?
    7. Franklin Hearings – Judge Can Decide if Testimony Needed.
    8. SB 1437 Petition Denial Reversed by Appellate Court.
    9. Ineffective Assistance of Counsel and Death Sentence.
    10. Does Prop 47 Make Receiving Stolen Car a Misdemeanor?
    11. Untimely Habeas Petition Due to Mental Impairment?
    12. Federal Armed Career Criminal Act – PC 273.5 Qualify?
    13. Equitable Tolling Denied for Filing Late Habeas Appeal.
    14. Are Criminal Threats Lesser-Included Offense of Stalking?
    15. Does Judge Have Power to Lower PC 12022.53 Gun Enhancement?
    16. What is a Substantial Step for a Hobbs Act Robbery?
    17. Youth Parole Hearing (PC 3051) Not for One-Strike Offender?
    18. Can Conduct in Custody Count under PC 1203.4a(a)?
    19. Premeditation Based on Natural and Probable Consequences?
    20. Carjacking Is Not a Crime of Violence under USSG § 4A1.1?
    21. Intimidating a Witness and the Right to Represent Oneself
    22. What’s Specific Intent to Assist Criminal Street Gang?
    23. Who is Eligible for a Youth Offender Parole Hearing?
    24. If Eligible, When’s My Youth Offender Parole Hearing?
    25. What’s the Minimum Eligible Parole Date, How Reduced?
    26. Is SB 1437 Unconstitutional by Conflict with Prop 7?
    27. Compassionate Release – Is Judge’s Discretion Unlimited?
    28. SB 1437 Denial Improper if Based on Gun Enhancement?
    29. During Covid-19 Pandemic, Judges May Still Set Bail?
    30. How Does the Forgery Exception to Prop 47 Apply?
    31. Commutation of a Sentence, Who’s Eligible, How to Do?
    32. A Pardon in California - Why Apply, When, Limits?
    33. A Presidential Pardon – Why Apply, When, Limits?
    34. What May Judge Review in SB 1437 Motion (PC 1170.95)?
    35. What are the Limits of the Kill Zone Theory?
    36. SB 1437, Major Participant, Reckless Indifference
    37. Theft of a Rental Car and Location Privacy Rights
    38. In Licensing, What is the Substantial Relationship Test?
    39. What is a Conviction Affecting a Professional License?
    40. How Does Expungement or Sealing Affect a License?
    41. Professional License & Duty to Self-Report an Arrest?
    42. Juvenile Criminal Proceedings & Immigration Issues.
    43. Immigration Holds and the California TRUST Act.
    44. What is the Immigrant Victims of Crime Equity Act?
    45. The Right to Own or Buy a Firearm After a 5150 Hold?
    46. Self-Defense and 18 U.S.C. § 922(g) or Penal Code § 29800
    47. Secretly Recorded Admission in a Phone Call – Useable?
    48. AB 865 – Recall & Resentencing for Military Veterans
    49. Example of Judge Denying Bail, No Abuse of Discretion
    50. When is a Threat under PC 69 Not to be Believed?
    51. SB 1437 - Jury’s Pre-Banks / Clark Findings Reliable?
    52. Is Probation Condition Overbroad if No Social Media?
    53. Domestic Violence: What Qualifies as a Dating Relationship?
    54. AB 1076 – What Does this New Law Provide and When?
    55. SB 620- When Can a Judge Strike the Gun Enhancement?
    56. Can SB 1437 Apply to Murder When a Provocative Act?
    57. Under SB 1437, When Must Judge Appoint Free Counsel?
    58. SB 1437: Unconstitutional by Amending PC §§ 188, 189?
    59. What is a People v. Mayberry Consent Jury Instruction?

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