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Criminal Defense Articles 793-840

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  1. Is Prop 57's Juvenile Filing Provision Retroactive?
  2. Can Showing Gang Tattoos Constitute Criminal Threats?
  3. What Is the Automobile Exception to the Warrant Requirement?
  4. What Is Business & Professions Code § 4067?  Punishment?
  5. Child Pornography Evidence Suppressed When Search Overbroad
  6. Are Medicine Side Effects Considered in Criminal Sentencing?
  7. What Is Assault with a Deadly Weapon? Defenses? Punishment?
  8. What Is the Taking and Receiving Doctrine for VC § 10851?
  9. Under Mandatory Supervision, Are Suspicionless Searches OK?
  10. May a Court Ban a Sex Offender from Posting on Facebook?
  11. How Does an Adult Have a Court File Sealed & Destroyed?
  12. What’s a Tahl Waiver for a Plea Bargain & Why Is It So Long?
  13. Are Consecutive 10-Year Gang Sentencing Enhancements Error?
  14. Can a Judge Impose a GBI Enhancement and VC 23558 Also?
  15. Prop 47: Does Shoplifting Include Breaking into a Machine?
  16. Without Proof of Causation of Injury, Is Restitution Proper?
  17. Prop 47: Is Theft by False Pretenses Considered Shoplifting?
  18. What Is an Extradition Hearing and How to Fight Extradition
  19. What Are the Deadlines for Extradition or Being Released?
  20. What Documents Properly Support an Extradition Warrant?
  21. What Are the Procedures for Resisting Extradition?
  22. In Extradition Matters, What Is an Identity Hearing?
  23. What Are Ten Good Arguments Against Extradition?
  24. How to Seek Case Settlement on Extradition Request?
  25. Is a Waiver of Extradition Enforceable in California?
  26. Is a Prior Arrest (Only) Admissible to Impeach Defendant?
  27. If Representing Oneself, Ten Things to Never Say in Court
  28. I Was Arrested for DUI and I Have a Class A License
  29. How Can One Challenge an Erroneous Photo Identification?
  30. How Can I Challenge a One-Person Showup That Identified Me?
  31. What Is Teen Court and How Does It Work?  What Happens?
  32. Do Good Time, Work Time Credits Apply to House Arrest?
  33. What Is House Arrest with GPS or SCRAM Monitoring?
  34. Can a Judge Order a Wife to Testify Against Her Husband?
  35. What Are the AB541, AB762, AB1353 and SB38 Alcohol Programs?
  36. Why Use an Eyewitness Identification Expert at Trial?
  37. How to Prevent the Admission of Photographic Evidence?
  38. What Can I Do to Keep Out a Confession or an Admission?
  39. 6th Amendment Violated If a Dead Man’s Statement Admitted?
  40. Is a Search Incident to a Citation, Not an Arrest, Lawful?
  41. What Is Required for Police Custody so That Miranda Applies?
  42. What Must Be Said by Police to Advise One of Miranda Rights?
  43. How Does One Properly Assert the Right to Remain Silent?
  44. Difference Between Remaining Silent and Requesting Counsel?
  45. What Is the Battered Woman’s Syndrome in Domestic Violence?
  46. What Is Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor (PC 272)?
  47. In Determining Value for PC 459, Is Sales Tax Included?
  48. Why Won’t the Police Give Me a Copy of the Police Report?

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