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Criminal Defense Articles 841-885

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  1. What Is the Law About Being a Peeping Tom (PC § 647(i))?
  2. What Is Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor (B & P 25658(a))?
  3. What’s Ineligible for Expungement? What Doesn’t Change?
  4. 10 Problems with the Datamaster DUI Breath Test Machine
  5. What’s the Insufficient Evidence Standard in a 995 Motion?
  6. What Are Some Common Sufficiency of Evidence Issues?
  7. What Are the Warnings a Judge Says When Taking a Plea?
  8. What Are the 5 Factors the Judge Considers to Change Venue?
  9. What Are Examples of a Legitimate Expectation of Privacy?
  10. Should I Sign the Prop 63 Firearm Relinquishment Form?
  11. What Is the Status on Legalizing Pot in the South Bay?
  12. How Does AB 1008 Help Job Applicants with Criminal Records?
  13. What Is the Punishment & Defenses to Having a Fake ID?
  14. At What BAC Can One Display Objective Signs of Intoxication?
  15. What Is the Consumer Arrest Equity Act, SB 393?
  16. If You Had to Hire an Attorney, What Would You Want Done?
  17. Does SB620 Have Retroactive Effect to Lower Prior Sentences?
  18. What Is SB384 and How Does It Change PC 290 Registration?
  19. How Do I Get My Gun Rights Back After a Conviction?
  20. I Am a Veteran Facing a Criminal Case – Can I Get VA Help?
  21. Effect of a Prostitution Conviction on a Dentist’s License?
  22. What to Do If One Is Questioned by an ICE Agent in Jail?
  23. I’m a Victim of Identity Theft – How Can I Fix This Mess?
  24. How Are the Cities in Palos Verdes Implementing Prop 64?
  25. What Are California’s Regulations for Implementing Prop 64?
  26. What Is a Joint Suspended and Should I Accept This?
  27. When and Why Does a Judge Have to Grant a Pitchess Motion?
  28. What Are the New Rules for Marijuana Businesses in LA?
  29. I Got Roofied – What Can I Do to Defend Myself in Court?
  30. What Should I Do to Get My Firearms Back from the Cops?
  31. What Is Traversing a Warrant (a Franks Motion)?
  32. Surprising Facts About Sex Offenders and Sex Offenses
  33. How Does SB395 Give Juveniles Extra Miranda Protection?
  34. DUI, the SR-22 and a Supplemental Insurance Policy
  35. Sexual Compulsives Anonymous vs Sexaholics Anonymous
  36. What Is the Five Year Prior Serious Felony Enhancement?
  37. What Is the Pre-Filing Neighborhood Justice Program, or NJP?
  38. What Is Pre-Trial Diversion under Penal Code § 1001.1?
  39. Why Is a Conviction for Penal Code 242 Better Than 273.5?
  40. Is Voir Dire Now Better Described As Voir Google?
  41. If in Custody, Can I Get Credit on My Traffic Tickets?
  42. Will My Bail Go Lower After In re Kenneth Humphrey?
  43. I Got a Felony DUI – Can I Sue the Bar or Party Host?
  44. Prop 57 Resentencing: Who Has Authority to Implement It?
  45. What Is the Law on Vaping by Juveniles?  Punishment?

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