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Criminal Defense Articles 614-658

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  1. May a Homeowner Consent to Probation Search of a Guestroom?
  2. In Resentencing a Third Strike, Is Stalking Eligible?
  3. May a Judge Add Up Forged Checks to Deny Prop 47 Relief?
  4. May a Judge Strike a Gang Allegation in Plea in Open?
  5. Demurrer in Workers’ Compensation and Taxation Fraud Case
  6. Murder Conviction Reversed for Miranda Violation by Police
  7. If Jury Not Instructed on Provocation Defense, Reversal?
  8. Can a Probation Stay Away Order Be from All CA Home Depots?
  9. May a Judge Commit One As an SVP Before His Sentence Ends?
  10. Can Prop 47 Relief Be Barred for a Juvenile Record?
  11. Arrested by the CHP, But No Case Filed?  DOJ Record Updated?
  12. How Much Does a DUI Really Cost?  $10,000?  $15,000?
  13. Did the Judge Discharge a Juror and You Were Convicted?
  14. What If I’m Caught Driving without a Court-Ordered IID?
  15. Custody Credit for Presentence Electronic Home Monitoring?
  16. Do Sex Offender Residency Restrictions Apply to Probation?
  17. What Should I Say If a Detective Calls to Ask Me Questions?
  18. What Is a Marsden Motion?  What Happens If It Is Granted?
  19. Under Prop 47, Is Passing a Forged Check Shoplifting?
  20. I’m 18, She’s 15; We’re Dating; Is That a Problem?  Illegal?
  21. What Charges Will I Face If My Dog Bites a Neighbor?
  22. What Happens If I Made a False 911 Call?  Jail?  Prison?
  23. What Should I Ask Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney?
  24. What Is Stalking (PC § 646.9)?  The Defenses?  Punishment?
  25. Is Diversion Available for Veterans for a DUI?  Yes
  26. Can an Attorney Guarantee a Result in a Criminal Case?
  27. My Car Was Towed – How Do I Get It Out of Impound?
  28. What Is an Office Hearing?  Is This Good?  How Long Is It?
  29. Is a Private Club a Commercial Establishment for Prop 47?
  30. Can a Judge Increase a Sentence in Granting Prop 47 Relief?
  31. Is Receiving a Stolen Motorcycle Prop 47 Eligible?
  32. What Is Sales to Minors – for Alcohol?  For Tobacco?
  33. What Is Child Endangerment, PC 273a? Defenses? Punishment?
  34. Medical Marijuana Cardholder Now Cannot Buy a Gun?
  35. Attempted Extortion Must Involve Compelling Consent to Pay
  36. What Is Loitering to Commit Prostitution, Penal Code 653.22?
  37. Improper Use of 1108 Evidence Vacates 105 Year Sentence
  38. Can a Judge Order Curfew for an Adult on DUI Probation?
  39. Carefully Invoke Your Fifth Amendment Right to Remain Silent
  40. Does a Drug Dealer Face Civil Liability If Overdose Happens?
  41. Can a Judge Condition Probation on a Fifth Amendment Waiver?
  42. Prop 47: Is Burglary from Employee Only Area Shoplifting?
  43. Prop 64 Passed - May I Change My Prior Marijuana Conviction?
  44. What Does It Mean to Be a Registered Narcotics Offender?
  45. What Is Fire Camp?  Who’s Eligible?  What Are the Benefits?

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