Torrance Courthouse Domestic Violence Results

The Torrance Courthouse handles misdemeanor Domestic Violence offenses in three courtrooms (P, 2 and 5) in general. Felony Domestic Violence’s can be heard in many more courtrooms, but usually start in Department 4 on the second floor with Judge Thomas Sokolov, proceed to Department 2, also on the second floor, with Judge Rene Gilbertson and then are assigned to one of several courtrooms and judges upstairs.

Which department hears a particular misdemeanor case is determined by where the arrest took place. Arrests in Torrance are assigned to Department P on the fourth floor with Judge George Bird. Arrests in Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach are assigned to Department 2, before Judge Rene Gilbertson on the second floor. Arrests in Gardena, Lawndale and Redondo Beach are assigned to Department 5, before Judge Amy Carter.

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Each department has one or more prosecutors assigned to it. Over time, prosecutors are transferred to other courtrooms. Prosecutors also change in their approach to domestic violence cases, some more than others.

Consequently, in presenting the case summaries below, we caution the reader not to expect a similar result because no case can have completely and exactly the same facts and the prosecutors do change.

However, the domestic violence results below do help the reader understand how past cases have resolved and what is possible.

Please see our domestic violence results, by city, by clicking on the cities listed below and viewing detailed descriptions of each case.

Gardena Domestic Violence Results
  1. Gardena, Police See and Arrest Client Punching Girlfriend on Ground, Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence, Case Resolved for Simple, Misdemeanor Battery

  2. Gardena, Client Drives Car into Boyfriend, Then Wrestles with Him, Squeezing His Testicles to Cause Him Pain, Resolved for Simple Battery

  3. Gardena, Two Lesbians Fight, No Injuries, Our Client Arrested for Misdemeanor Domestic Violence (Penal Code s 243(e)(1)) and Criminal Threats (Penal Code § 422), Greg Hill Discusses Case with Handling Detective, No File in Torrance Court

  4. Gardena, Client Strangles Victim While He’s on Bail, 90 Days

  5. Third-Time Domestic Violence Case, Torrance, Joint Suspended
  6. Gardena, Domestic Violence Arrest, Client an LVN, No File
  7. Felony Domestic Violence, Torrance, 2nd Time, No Jail
Hermosa Beach Domestic Violence Results
  1. Hermosa Beach, Domestic Violence Trial, Our Client Had Prior Domestic Violence with “Victim,” Facial Injuries, Case Plea Bargained to Simply Battery Only During Trial

  2. Hermosa Beach, Domestic Violence Arrest, No File by Court
Lawndale Domestic Violence Results
  1. Lawndale, Client Faces Second “Strike” in Felony Domestic Violence Case, Strike Removed upon Motion, Client Sentenced to Two Years, Not Eight Years in Prison

Lomita Domestic Violence Results
  1. Lomita, Wife Allegedly Hit on Head with Glass Table, Felony Case Dismissed

  2. Lomita, Domestic Violence (P.C. § 243(e)(1)), No File
  3. Lomita, Domestic Violence (PC § 273.5(a)), No File
  4. Lomita, Felony Domestic Violence & Probation Violation
Manhattan Beach Domestic Violence Results
  1. Manhattan Beach, Client Allegedly Strangled His Wife, but Greg Hill & Associates Successfully Attacks Her Credibility, Delayed Entry of Judgment and Dismissal

Palos Verdes Domestic Violence Results
  1. Rancho Palos Verdes, Our Client Tells Client, “Now You Will Die” and Grabs Large Knife, Slaps Wife Twice

  2. Palos Verdes, Felony Domestic Violence Arrest, No File Later
Redondo Beach Domestic Violence Results
  1. image descriptionRedondo Beach, Drunk Attorney Allegedly Hits Wife on Side of Face, Felony Case Dismissed

  2. Redondo Beach, Registered Nurse Client Almost Stabs Husband with Knitting Needle, Case Plea Bargained to Delayed Entry of Judgment and Dismissal

  3. Redondo Beach, Domestic Violence, Our Client Gives Husband Bloody Nose with Punch, "No File"

  4. Redondo Beach, Bail Reduced and Felony Domestic Violence Case Negotiated to Misdemeanor Battery (Penal Code § 242) Only

  5. Two Redondo Beach Domestic Violence Cases Consolidated into One, Plus a Witness Intimidation Allegation (Penal Code § 136.1) and Violation of Protective Order (Penal Code § 166(a)(4)), Resolved for No Jail

Torrance Domestic Violence Results
  1. Torrance, Client Allegedly Pushes Girlfriend to Ground in Street, Case Dismissed

  2. Torrance, Alleged Rape and Domestic Violence, Negotiated to Disturbing the Peace

  3. Torrance, Severe Facial Injuries to Victim, Case Settled for Delayed Entry of Judgment and Dismissal

  4. Torrance, Client Allegedly Hits Wife, but No Visible Injuries to Her, Delayed Entry Of Judgment And Dismissal

  5. Torrance, Client Stabs Her Boyfriend’s Hand with an Exacto Knife, Felony PC 273.5 - Case Dismissed

  6. Client Charged with Misdemeanor Domestic Violence (Penal Code § 243(e)(1)) on Girlfriend, Completes Expedited Batterer’s Program While Case Pending, Serves Only 42 Days of Summary Probation

  7. Torrance, Defense Verdict at Jury Trial, Client Faced Charges of Child Abuse and Spousal Abuse

  8. Torrance Domestic Violence Case; No Visible Injuries; Case Resolved for Formal Diversion and Dismissal

  9. Torrance Domestic Violence Case, Delayed Entry of Judgment

  10. Torrance, Domestic Violence Case Resolved for PC 415
  11. Torrance, Domestic Violence, Four Counts, Strangling Victim
  12. Torrance, Domestic Violence with Knives, Plea to 242
  13. Domestic Case with Prior from 2006, No File, Torrance

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