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Articles by Topic or Issue (Court Continued - Criminal Threats)

Court Continued
  1. Intimidating a Witness and the Right to Represent Oneself
  2. Duty to Maintain Innocence under McCoy v. Louisiana
  3. Prosecutor Must Disclose Summary of Expert Testimony
  4. Guidelines for Prosecutors that Defense Attorneys Love
  5. What is Homeless Court in Redondo Beach / Torrance?
  6. Judge’s Repeated Interruptions of Counsel: Misconduct?
  7. When Criminal History is Not Neutral Basis to Exclude?
  8. Mistaken Admission of Prior Uncharged Act, No Common Motive
  9. Penal Code § 1385: Limits on Judge’s Discretion?
  10. What Rights Does a Defendant Have in a Misdemeanor?
  11. What Rights Does Defendant Have in an Infraction?
  12. Supreme Court: Criminal Jury Verdict Must be Unanimous
  13. What Exactly Is and Is Not Circumstantial Evidence?
  14. Postpartum Mental Disorder – Expert Testimony Admissible?
  15. Are Proffer Agreements a Good Deal or Bad Deal?
  16. What is Judicial Notice?  Limits?  Debatable Uses?
  17. Juror Excusal Because Belief System Unfair to Blacks?
  18. Videotape of Defendant’s Remorse Properly Excluded
  19. Improper Juror Dismissal & Black Lives Matter Answers
  20. Can Judge Deny Trial Continuance if it Means Dismissal?
  21. Erroneous Admission of Character Evidence Harmless?
  22. Is Testimony Coerced If Required by a Plea Bargain?
  23. When Is Evidence of Prior Uncharged Acts Admissible?
  24. When is a Criminal Statute of Limitations Tolled?
  25. Motion to Represent Oneself Two Days Before Trial
  26. When May a Judge Declare a Mistrial in a Jury Trial?
  27. Reversible Error if DA Tells Story of Scorpion & Frog?
  28. Due Process Violated in Excluding Nonparty Confession
  29. Admitting Expert Testimony: Federal Judge’s Gatekeeper Role
  30. No Racial Discrimination in Removing Hispanic Jurors

Criminal History / Internet / Fingerprints

  1. I Need My Criminal History – If It Is Wrong, What Do I Do?

  2. What Can an Employer See in My Criminal History - Arrests?

  3. What Can I Do About My Criminal Record on the Internet?

  4. How Does One Remove a Name from the Megan’s Law Internet Listing?

  5. May I Be a Sheriff with a Conviction for Battery (PC § 242)?

  6. Can I Reduce My Misdemeanor to an Infraction?  If so, How?
  7. Does a Witness or a Victim Have a Criminal Record?
  8. How Does AB 1008 Help Job Applicants with Criminal Records?
  9. Can I Sue Accuser for False Allegations in Criminal Case?
  10. Prior Convictions – How Can They Affect a Current Case
  11. Prior Convictions Outside California - Effect Here?
  12. When Can a Judge Admit a Prior Conviction to Impeach?
  13. When Are Prior Uncharged Bad Acts Admissible in Court?

Criminal Threats

  1. What Are Criminal Threats and the Defenses to This Charge?

  2. Punishment for Making Annoying Phone Calls or Texts?

  3. Are Criminal Threats Protected under the First Amendment?

  4. Criminal Threats on Facebook - We ''Like'' This Ruling

  5. Immigration Consequences of Criminal Threats (PC 422) Plea

  6. Attempted Criminal Threats Although Fear Unreasonable?

  7. Conviction Reversed for Mailing Criminal Threats to Many

  8. Double Jeopardy Bars Conviction for Criminal Threats

  9. Can Death Threats in a Rap Song Be Criminal Threats?

  10. Cyber Gang - Banging, a Murder, the SCA and Facebook Posts

  11. Can Showing Gang Tattoos Constitute Criminal Threats?
  12. What is Threatening a Public Official (Penal Code 76)?
  13. Does Dissuading a Witness (PC 136.1) Apply to Future Crimes?
  14. How’s Obscene Defined in P. C. § 653m, Harassing Calls?
  15. Criminal Threats When Immediate Family Member Target


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