Torrance Courthouse DUI Results

The Torrance Courthouse handles misdemeanor DUI offenses in three courtrooms (P, 2 and 5) in general. Felony DUI’s can be heard in many more courtrooms, but usually start in Department 4 with Judge Sokolov, proceed to 2 with Judge Thompson and then are assigned to one of several courtrooms.

Which department hears a particular misdemeanor case is determined by where the arrest took place. Each department has one or more prosecutors assigned to it. Over time, prosecutors are transferred to other courtrooms. Prosecutors also change in their approach to DUI’s, some more than others.

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Consequently, in presenting the case summaries below, we caution the reader not to expect a similar result because no case can have completely and exactly the same facts and the prosecutors do change.

However, the DUI results below do help the reader understand how past cases have resolved and what is possible.

Please click on the case summaries below to read a detailed description of our DUI results, by city:

Gardena DUI Results
  1. Gardena, Client Refusal to Submit to BAC Test

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  3. Client Arrested for DUI in Gardena for Non-Alcohol DUI, DUI Dismissed and Case Resolved for a Violation of Vehicle Code § 12500, Driving without a License, Fine, One Year Summary Probation

  4. Felony DUI Hit & Run No File for Client, Age 22, Who Allegedly Hit Homeless Man in Gardena

  5. Under Age 21 Client, Second Time DUI, BAC of 0.10%, Wet Reckless on First Time Terms, Gardena

  6. Torrance Superior Court, Gardena Arrest for DUI, 0.18% BAC, Prosecutor Claims Third DUI, Case Resolved on First Time DUI Terms, 3 Month DUI Program, Minimum Fines, No Jail.

  7. Felony DUI (VC 23153(a) and 23153(b)), Gardena Car Accident with Injuries, Client’s BAC 0.33% When Taken 4.5 Hours After Crash, Resolved for Five Years Formal Probation, No Prison

  8. Second Time DUI and Third Time Driving on a Suspended License, 0.21% BAC, Gardena Arrest, Torrance Courthouse, Immigration Issues, 30 Days Private Jail.

  9. Gardena, 2nd Time DUI, Had GERD, Resolved As Wet Reckless

  10. DUI in Gardena, 0.12% BAC, Plea to Reckless Driving -VC23103

  11. Underage DUI, 0.18% BAC, 5-Car Collision, Torrance, AB541

  12. Gardena, Second Time DUI, 0.19% BAC, Check Point Stop
  13. Gardena DUI, Second in 12 Years, Rising BAC, 0.12%, AB541
  14. Gardena DUI, Client Stuck on Train Tracks, Asleep, BAC 0.14%
Hermosa Beach DUI Results
  1. Hermosa Beach, BAC 0.165%, Crash into City Parking Enforcement Vehicle, Resolved to Wet Reckless

  2. Hermosa Beach, DUI, BAC of 0.14%, Resolved to Wet Reckless

  3. Hermosa Beach Arrest After Evading Arrest, Second Time DUI, BAC of 0.13%

  4. Hermosa Beach, 0.13% BAC Taken One Hour After Arrest, Resolved for Wet Reckless (Vehicle Code § 23103)

  5. Hermosa Beach, Motorcyclist Crashes and Then Refuses to Submit to Breath or Blood Test, Resolved As a Wet Reckless

  6. Hermosa Beach, Speeding Past Police Station with a 0.16% BAC, Resolved As a Wet Reckless

  7. Hermosa Beach, Second Time DUI and Probation Violation Resolved for First Time DUI and No Probation Violation

  8. Hermosa Beach, DUI, Car Accident, Jury Trial, Wet Reckless
Manhattan Beach DUI Results
  1. Manhattan Beach, Client Under Age 21, BAC of 0.16%, Collision with Parked Car

  2. Manhattan Beach Arrest, Client with Lap Band (Gastric Bypass Surgery) Refuses to Submit to Breath or Blood Test, Case Filed in Torrance Courthouse, Wet Reckless

  3. Manhattan Beach DUI Check Point Stop, Our Client Has 0.12% BAC, Case Resolved As a Wet Reckless

  4. Manhattan Beach, Client Allegedly Observed Going 58 in a 35 and with Headlights Off, BAC 0.12%, Case Resolved As Wet Reckless, Torrance Courthouse

  5. Manhattan Beach, Under Age DUI, 0.06% BAC, Dry Reckless
Palos Verdes DUI Results
  1. PVE Police StationPalos Verdes Estates, Case Dismissed When Torrance Judge Grants Our Motion to Suppress Evidence

  2. Rancho Palos Verdes, No File for Client Facing Felony DUI for Driving Under Influence of Ambien and Wine, Crashing into Two Cars and Causing Six Injuries

  3. Palos Verdes Estates, DUI for Being Under Influence of Drugs, “DA Reject” After Greg Hill Has Client Immediately Tested for Drugs and Results Are Negative

  4. Palos Verdes Estates, DUI and Resisting Arrest (Penal Code § 148(a)(1) Case Dismissed on Our Motion to Dismiss in Torrance Courthouse

  5. Third Time DUI with Car Accident in Rancho Palos Verdes, Client’s BAC 0.14%, Resolved for Wet Reckless and SB38 Program, Torrance Courthouse

  6. Palos Verdes Estates Arrest, DUI in a Golf Cart on PVE Country Club, Damaging Golf Cart, 0.24% BAC, Joyriding (Vehicle Code § 10851); DUI Case Dismissed, Plea to Public Intoxication (Penal Code § 647(F)), Torrance

  7. Palos Verdes Estates, Rising BAC, 0.14% BAC, Wet Reckless

  8. PV Estates DUI, Alleged Refusal to Submit, 3-Month Program
  9. DUI Rancho Palos Verdes, Under Influence of Drugs, Diversion
  10. PVE Arrest for DUI, Speeding 58 in 35 Zone, No Jail
Redondo Beach DUI Results
  1. image descriptionRedondo Beach, Second Time DUI, 0.19% BAC, Plea Bargain to First Time DUI Terms

  2. Redondo Beach, Car Crash, BAC of 0.27%, Resolved with Three Month DUI Program

  3. Redondo Beach Arrest, BAC of 0.23%, Negotiated to Six Month Alcohol Class

  4. Redondo Beach Arrest, Third Time DUI Plea Bargained to First Time Terms in Torrance Court

  5. Redondo Beach, Client DUI Charge Reduced to Wet Reckless As Result of PAS Device Calibration Test Records Revealed Inaccuracies

  6. North Redondo Beach, Client Allegedly Driving without Headlights on and 0.21% BAC, 3-Month DUI Program

  7. Redondo Beach, Client Refuses to Submit to Breath or Blood Test, Loudly Cusses out Police, Charged with Resisting Arrest, Torrance Judge Disagrees and Sentences Client to 45 Days County Jail Suspended, Plus DUI Terms

  8. Under 21 Client with GERD Speeding Along PCH in Redondo Beach, 0.10% BAC, Resolved As Dry Reckless with $150 Fine, 24 Months Summary Probation, 30 AA’s, Torrance Courthouse

  9. Redondo Beach DUI, 0.18% BAC, Resolved for 3 Month DUI Course

  10. Redondo Beach, Client Has BAC of 0.11%, Wet Reckless
  11. Redondo Beach DUI, 0.29% BAC and Refusal, 6-Month Program
Torrance DUI Results
  1. Torrance, Speeding 55 in a 25 MPH zone, Running Stop Sign, BAC 0.12%, 60 Days Jail Eliminated

  2. Torrance Arrest Off 110 Freeway, Client Has 0.12% BAC, Dry Reckless

  3. Third Time DUI in Torrance and Probation Violation from Second DUI, Client Faces Client Pleads in Open to Get 30-30 Program and Avoid 180 Days in County Jail

  4. Torrance Wet Reckless, Police Make Traffic Stop of Client Based on 911 Call, Client’s BAC 0.09%, $200 Fine, Two Years Summary Probation

  5. Torrance, Client Stopped for Talking on Cell, Found in Possession of 3.4 grams of Meth and a 0.07% BAC, Leaves Town, Arrested Two Yrs. Later, Resolved As Wet Reckless, Drug Charges Dismissed

  6. Torrance Second Time DUI, 0.21% BAC, Crash into 3 Cop Cars

  7. Torrance, Felony DUI Resolved for Third-Time DUI Terms
  8. Torrance Wet Reckless for Client with a 0.11% BAC
  9. Torrance, DUI by Drugs (No Alcohol), Car Crash, No File
  10. Torrance DUI, Speeding Over 100 mph on 405, 60 Days Jail

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