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Criminal Defense Articles 1710 - 1789

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  1. State Court Prisoner Seeking Federal Habeas Relief
  2. Senate Bill 620 Resentencing under People v Tirado
  3. The Legislative Intent Applied in Assembly Bill 1950
  4. Why is PC 1203.01 Important in Post-Conviction Relief?
  5. Is Pro Per Filing OK in Post-Conviction Relief Appeal?
  6. Is Intent for Assault Proven if Man Points Loaded Gun?
  7. May a Judge Order Testimony from a Person NGI?
  8. Does PC 186.22(b)(4) Apply to Conspiracy Crimes?
  9. Does PC 4019 Apply to Incompetents at State Hospital?
  10. SB 620: Judge Denies Firearm Enhancement Reduction
  11. AB 624: Challenging a Juvenile Fitness Hearing
  12. Motion to Suppress Denied on Gang Member, Drug Sale
  13. Little Known Grounds for Receiving a Firearm Prohibition
  14. 49 Misdemeanor Convictions That Result in Firearm Ban
  15. Convicted Based on Illegal Search?  Sue the Police?
  16. Can a Judge Grant a Motion if the Case Was Dismissed?
  17. Applying SB 567 to Resentence on Firearm Count
  18. Improper Venue in Orange County Based on Evidence
  19. Speedy Trial Right Violated by COVID-19 Delays?
  20. Does Wait and See Allow Prison Officials Qualified Immunity?
  21. Sixth Appellate Court: No Judicial Diversion for DUI
  22. Inmate’s Excessive Force Claim Improperly Dismissed
  23. Fourth Amendment Claim by E-Scooter Rider Fails
  24. Excessive Force Claim Against Police Found Valid
  25. For MDO, When Does 1-Year Commitment Extension Begin?
  26. Resentencing Example under SB 620, 1393, 567 and 518
  27. Discovery for California Racial Justice Act Case
  28. Vehicular Homicide – Smoking Pot & Implied Malice
  29. Prop 57 Juvenile Fitness Hearing After Habeas Corpus
  30. Is a Confined SVP Eligible to Receive Social Security?
  31. Does California Shield Law Protect Recordings of DA?
  32. If Immigration Warning Says Conviction “May,” O.K.?
  33. Examples of Sufficient Prejudice for 1473.7 Motion.
  34. Is No Television in Prison a Constitutional Violation?
  35. Excuse Juror Who Thinks Courts Treat Black Unfairly
  36. SB 1437: Conviction for First Degree Murder Eligible?
  37. Dismiss Gun Enhancement Per Special Directive 20-08?
  38. Life Sentence for Juvenile Affirmed, Youth Considered
  39. Assembly Bill 1950 – Does It Apply to 273.5, 191.5?
  40. Is PC § 243(e)(1) a Crime Involving Moral Turpitude?
  41. Prisoner Rights and Rehabilitation Credits in Jail
  42. What Must Be Shown in Civil Case Against Cops?
  43. SB 1437 Relief if Defendant Admits Premeditation?
  44. SB 567: When Can Judge Not Sentence to Low Term?
  45. Motion to Recuse and Disqualify a Civil Case by DA?
  46. AB 1950: Probation Length for 245(a)(4), Girlfriend
  47. AB 1950: Can Judge Revoke Probation if It Ended?
  48. May Court Grant Mental Health Diversion if DA Objects?
  49. Mental Health Diversion: Must Judge Consider 1001.35?
  50. Recent Fourth Appellate District Opinion on Kill Zone
  51. May Prosecutor Withdraw from Plea Bargain over AB 1950?
  52. PC 186.22: Proving Pattern of Criminal Gang Activity?
  53. Immigration: PC 1473.7 Motion to Vacate After Trial
  54. Resentencing When Judge Considers Improper Factors
  55. Mental Health Diversion Denial Not Abuse of Discretion
  56. 756 Year Sex Case Sentence Remanded for Resentencing
  57. When May a Judge Declare a Mistrial in a Jury Trial?
  58. AB 333 Violates Prop 21 on 190.2(a)(22) Charge
  59. Failure to Warn of Mandatory Deportation Consequences
  60. Motion to Suppress Granted on Pretextual Traffic Stop
  61. Mentally Disordered Offender (MDO) Rights at Hearing
  62. Denial of Release to Conditional Release Affirmed
  63. SB 620 and SB 1393 Applied in Death Penalty Case
  64. SB 567 Resentencing Denied on Upper Term Sentence
  65. Judicial Diversion Does Not Apply to Misdemeanor DUI.
  66. Sex Offender Denied 1473.7 Motion to Vacate Affirmed
  67. Motion to Vacate (1473.7) Denied and Affirmed
  68. Does Tier System in SB 384 Violate Equal Protection?
  69. Does AB 1950 Cut Off Time for Restitution Claim?
  70. Federal Compassionate Release: What Can be Considered?
  71. Defendant’s Right to Be in Court for 1437 Hearing
  72. Using Facts in Safety Valve Proffer for Sentencing?
  73. After Sentence Recall, All New Sentencing Laws Apply?
  74. First Appellate District: AB 1950 & 191.5 Probation.
  75. Can One Be Convicted of PC 245(a)(1) and 245(a)(4)?
  76. Does 18 U.S.C. § 115(a)(1) Apply to Private Security?
  77. Is Death Penalty or Guilty Verdict Barred by AB 333?
  78. Lawyer Did Not Get School & Jail Records – IAC?
  79. Civil Commitment Extension Proceeding, Double Jeopardy
  80. Cumulative Attorney Deficiencies Not Found to be IAC
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