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Criminal Defense Articles 1630 - 1709

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  1. Equal Protection, Similarly Situated, Disparate Effect
  2. May Bail Bond Agents Solicit Bail for Co-Arrestee?
  3. Federal Habeas Relief if Conditions Not Custodial?
  4. Denial of Inmate’s Franklin Motion Premature
  5. Battery by Gassing, 243.9: Preserving Evidence Duty?
  6. In Remand for SB 620, Is Entire Sentence Reconsidered?
  7. Wiretap Application in DA’s Absence, Need to Explain?
  8. Life Sentence for Juvenile Affirmed, Youth Considered
  9. SB 1437: Notice Regarding Resentencing, Redesignation
  10. Judicial Diversion for DUI? Fourth District Says No
  11. Court Errs in Denying Request for “Franklin Hearing”
  12. What’s Unreasonable Risk of Committing a Super Strike?
  13. Odor of Burnt Pot Probable Cause to Search, Warrant?
  14. CDCR Ban on Prop 57 Early Parole for Violent Felons Upheld
  15. Nine New Noteworthy Criminal Law Laws for 2022
  16. Defendant’s Judicial Bias Claim Involving DA Denied
  17. Motion to Vacate Denied Under PC 1473.7(a)(1) Affirmed
  18. SB 1437 Motion Denied, then Reversed for SB 775 Evaluation
  19. Gang Enhancements from 2007 Vacated under AB 333
  20. What Does AB 333 Change for Gang Enhancements?
  21. I Want to Appeal, But How?  When?  Deadlines?
  22. Appeals: In an Opening Brief, What Should be Stated?
  23. Applying SB 567 When Defendant Age 22, Sex Offense
  24. Helpful Information About Subpoenas for Documents & Videos
  25. The Right to Subpoena Electronically Stored Information
  26. Murder Conviction Reversed; Cop Coerces Confession
  27. Senate Bill 317 Isn’t Retroactive in Competency Cases
  28. Tax Evasion and a Statute of Limitations Defense
  29. Taking a Deposition in a Criminal Case Out of State
  30. What is a Petition for a Writ of Coram Vobis?
  31. Mental Health Diversion: Must Judge Always Consider?
  32. Preconviction Custody Credit for Home Detention Time?
  33. Evidence Code § 1109 – Can It Apply to Burglary?
  34. What’s Allowed in Mail to Someone in Jail or Prison?
  35. Federal Motion for Compassionate Release Changes
  36. Delay of Domestic Violence Restraining Order Hearing?
  37. Domestic Violence Restraining Orders & 5th Amendment
  38. Commitment Extension Proceedings – No Wende Right?
  39. Modified Criminal Street Gang Enhancement Applied
  40. Distributing Child Pornography for Commercial Consideration
  41. New Gang Enhancement Law & Predicate Offense Evidence
  42. Long Beach Court & Amended Gang Enhancement Statute
  43. Domestic Violence: When Prior Acts are Propensity Evidence
  44. After a DUI Conviction, What Happens to One’s License?
  45. After a DUI Arrest, What Happens to One’s License?
  46. Addressing Prejudice in 1473.7(a) & AB 1259 Motions
  47. Can DA Introduce Evidence of Prior Crime to Impeach?
  48. Defendant Not Liable for Aiding and Abetting Robbery
  49. Expert Testimony of STRmix Method of DNA Analysis OK
  50. Does AB 1950 Apply Retroactively to Undo Revocation?
  51. Does AB 1950 Bar Probation Revocation Hearing? No.
  52. Armed Career Criminal Act – What is One Offense?
  53. Military Resentencing (1170.91) - Stipulated Sentence?
  54. Does Health & Safety 11370.1 Violate 2nd Amendment?
  55. Assembly Bill 333 & Gang Crime Enhancement Evidence
  56. Federal Motion to Vacate 18 U.S.C. § 922(g) Denied
  57. Motion to Represent Oneself Two Days Before Trial
  58. Motion to Vacate Denied, Immigration Consequences
  59. Police Report Wrongly Excluded as Double Hearsay
  60. Sentencing: Considering Youth-Related Mitigating Facts
  61. Does the Humphrey Bail Analysis Apply to All Cases?
  62. Concurrent Sentencing under the One Strike Law?
  63. Is the 6th Amendment Violated by COVID-19 Mask Rules?
  64. Showing Prejudice in a P.C. 1473.7 Motion to Vacate
  65. Improper Upper Term Sentence in Long Beach Courthouse
  66. Is an In-Person Parole Hearing Required by Prop 57?
  67. First Assembly Bill (AB) 1540 Resentencing Appeal Case
  68. Does Attempted Domestic Violence Prior = Enhancement?
  69. Federal Compassionate Relief Before Incarceration?
  70. AB 620 Applied to 12022.53 in Robbery, Shooting Case
  71. Manhattan Beach May Not Restrict Short Term Rentals
  72. Is Detention Prolonged if Police Run Background Check?
  73. Assembly Bill 124 Applied to Sentencing on Robbery
  74. The Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) & IFP Limits
  75. Prefiling Delay of 12 Years in a Murder Case?
  76. AB 1950 Applied to Void Imposition of Joint Suspended
  77. Appellate Court Rules DMV Hearings are Unconstitutional
  78. AB 333 Retroactive for Bifurcation of Gang Enhancement
  79. Aiding and Abetting Human Trafficking of a Minor
  80. Miller v. Alabama Followed in Juvenile LWOP Sentence
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