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Criminal Defense Articles 1560 - 1629

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  1. What is Substantial Evidence of Mental Incompetence?
  2. May Validly Collected DNA Be Used in Another Crime?
  3. What is Judicial Notice?  Limits?  Debatable Uses?
  4. Unlawful Possession of a Firearm under § 922(g)(4)
  5. What is Assembly Bill (AB) 1259 for PC § 1473.7?
  6. Example of When Kill Zone Jury Instruction is Proper
  7. Penal Code § 3000.01 Can Limit Parole to Two Years
  8. Firearm Admissible Based on Bulge in Pocket?
  9. SVP: Admission of Hearsay. Non-Predicate Offenses
  10. Can One File a 1473.7 Motion to Vacate While in Custody?
  11. AB 1950 – How Long is Probation for DUI & VC 2800.2?
  12. Limiting Mental Health Diversion Eligibility Until Plea
  13. Probation Terms: Is Visiting a Website Patronizing a Place?
  14. Juror Excusal Because Belief System Unfair to Blacks?
  15. Trial Court Errs by Imposing 20 Kilogram Enhancement
  16. Videotape of Defendant’s Remorse Properly Excluded
  17. Is it Brandishing a Weapon if Defendant 15 Feet Away?
  18. PC 1473.7 Motion on 273.5 Plea – Showing Prejudice
  19. Youth Offender Parole Hearings – Is 3051(h) Illegal?
  20. Confrontation Right Violated if Victim Turns Away?
  21. When Does the Marital Privilege End During Divorce?
  22. Improper Juror Dismissal & Black Lives Matter Answers
  23. What Should Be in a Motion for Mental Health Diversion?
  24. If One Waives Counsel and Trial Starts, Reappoint Counsel?
  25. Does Admitting to Felony Murder Bar SB 1437 Relief Later?
  26. Are Young Black People a Protected Class in Jury Selection?
  27. Counsel Has Discretion to Decide if a Defense is Viable
  28. Can Judge Deny Trial Continuance if it Means Dismissal?
  29. What is Senate Bill 483 for Resentencing? Retroactive?
  30. What is Senate Bill 775 for Resentencing? Retroactive?
  31. Resentencing: Trial Court Must Allow New Evidence.
  32. Convictions for Both Gun Manufacturing & Possession?
  33. Illegal Inmate Disciplinary Hearing Not Moot by Time
  34. Private Search Exception for Google Search Program?
  35. Erroneous Admission of Character Evidence Harmless?
  36. Is Testimony Coerced If Required by a Plea Bargain?
  37. Judge Denied PC 1170(d)(2) Resentencing in Error
  38. Resentencing Under PC 1170(d)(1) by CDCR Request
  39. Do Exigent Circumstances Exist if Police Find Rifle?
  40. When Is Evidence of Prior Uncharged Acts Admissible?
  41. What’s AB 518 and How Does it Alter Penal Code § 654?
  42. How Does SB 73 Affect Sentencing on Drug Offenses?
  43. Gang Enhancements: How Does AB 333 Change 186.22?
  44. Under SB 81 and PC 1385, Dismissal of Enhancements?
  45. What Does SB 567 Do for Sentencing & Resentencing?
  46. A Parole Risk Assessment Admissible in Resentencing?
  47. AB 124: Intimidate Partner Violence or Sexual Violence
  48. AB 1540: New Procedures for Recall & Resentencing
  49. What’s AB 2942 and How Does it Apply to Resentencing?
  50. When May Police Destroy Firearm Taken in 5150 Hold?
  51. When is a Criminal Statute of Limitations Tolled?
  52. Resentencing for a Juvenile Offense, Apply Prop 57?
  53. Is a Plea Agreement Enforceable that Waives Appeal?
  54. Does Penal Code § 3051 Violate Equal Protection?
  55. Felony Theft: Is Kelley Blue Book Value Admissible?
  56. Discretionary Order to Register as a Sex Offender
  57. In Self Defense Claim, Is Gang Evidence Admissible?
  58. CDCR Recommends Resentencing, SB1393, Long Beach
  59. How to Measure the Two-Year Involuntary Commitment
  60. Brady Violation Must Cause Prejudice for Habeas Grant
  61. SB 1437: Eliminating Natural and Probable Consequences
  62. PC 1203.2(b) and Revocation for Lifetime Parolees
  63. Newly Discovered Evidence, Motion under PC 1473.6?
  64. What is the Fugitive Disentitlement Doctrine (FDD)?
  65. Post Humphrey Rules for Setting Bail, Indigency
  66. When May a Judge Issue a Bench Warrant (PC 978.5)?
  67. What is Penal Code 244, Assault with Caustic Chemicals
  68. SB 1437 Petition Denied, Major Participation Found
  69. Imperfect Self-Defense (Elmore) Based on Delusions?
  70. SB 1437 Denied in Error When Judge Reviews Prelim
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