RPV, Felony DUI, Six Injured, License Reinstated at DMV

Our client, age 53 and with no criminal record, was cooking one Saturday afternoon and sipping wine while she cooked.  She planned on making a gourmet meal for her husband and teenage daughter when they returned home from work.

For reasons she does not understand, she decided to leave the home shortly before her husband and daughter planned to return home.  She drove a few miles before passing out and veering left across the center divider, sideswiping one car and running head-on into another.  The collisions occurred on Palos Verdes Drive South after sunset.  Six people were injured, not including our client.

Due to the severity of the events, police understandably worked on the most severely injured first.  Our client was not one of these people.  

More than three hours after the collision, our client’s blood was taken.  Prior to this time, due to her injuries, no effort was made to elicit a breath sample.  Our client’s BAC read 0.06.

In our office’s experience, the DMV will reverse extrapolate the BAC to the time of the last driving.  In this case, reverse extrapolation would help the DMV find our client’s BAC to be over 0.06, assuming the DMV assigned an ethanol metabolization rate of 0.015 per hour, which our office has seen the DMV use in the past.

Our office therefore wrote the DMV Hearing Officer a lengthy letter before the DMV Hearing date, explaining how reverse extrapolation has been criticized by many courts and DUI experts, even experts that the prosecution regularly uses.  We also pointed out that since reverse extrapolation must assume the client is not alcoholic, not diabetic, had a certain amount of food in her stomach at the time of last driving and how fast the alcohol was consumed, the act of reverse extrapolating is fraught with error and our office would most certainly appeal any decision not to set aside the suspension.

Perhaps in response to our letter (and, candidly, perhaps not), the DMV set aside the suspension of our client’s drivers license.  

Our client was extremely happy, as she was able to keep working because her job involved a lot of driving.

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