DMV Results

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  1. Long Beach, CHP Bungles Their Report, License Reinstated

  2. Torrance, DUI Checkpoint, BAC of 0.18%, License Reinstated

  3. DMV Hearing, Client Has 0.20% BAC, License Reinstated

  4. Compton, 3rd Time DUI, 0.19% BAC, License Reinstated

  5. Torrance DUI, PAS Test not Certified, Late Blood Draw

  6. Palos Verdes Estates, Non-Alcohol DUI, License Reinstated

  7. Torrance DUI, Alleged Breath Test Refusal, License Reinstated

  8. Hawthorne, Failure to State Time of Last Driving, Set Aside

  9. Rancho Palos Verdes, 3rd Time DUI, License Reinstated

  10. Compton, DUI Test Not Within 3 Hours, License Reinstated

  11. Gardena, Client Hits Pedestrian, Set Aside, License Reinstated

  12. Hollywood, Traffic Stop Improper, License Reinstated

  13. Hermosa Beach, 0.08% BAC, DMV Agrees Improper Traffic Stop

  14. Torrance, Second Time DUI, Blood Test, Win at DMV

  15. Redondo Beach, Necessity Defense, DMV Suspension Set Aside

  16. Long Beach, Prescription Medication DUI, License Reinstated

  17. Compton, Accident on the 105, Client Not Driving, Set Aside

  18. Palos Verdes Estates DUI Arrest, Suspension Set Aside at DMV

  19. Culver City DUI, Car Accident, License Reinstated at DMV

  20. Client Found to Have Drugs in His Blood, License Reinstated

The above summaries show some of our better DMV results in the past three years.

We believe the DMV Hearing is an extremely important part of the case. It is not just because one’s driving privileges are at stake, either for 120 days in a first time offense or a year in a refusal. It is because when we win at the DMV, we have traction in court for a better resolution of the case. And even if we lose at the DMV, we are far more familiar with all the facts than the prosecutor will ever be except maybe at trial. This makes our negotiating a plea bargain or motions in court better.

We keep every DMV ruling and make a copy for our records. We now have three full three ring binders full of such opinions. We organize them by DMV Hearing Officer so we know what parts of the case that particular officer pays particular attention to and what parts are not significant to her or him. We know what cases the hearing officer has cited to in her or his rulings, too. This helps us customize our DMV Brief for the client to more effectively persuade the hearing officer to set aside the suspension and reinstate the driving privileges.

DMV Results

We attend every DMV Hearing in person and encourage the client to attend in person. We want to look the DMV Hearing Officer in the eye and make sure she is listening. We want the client there to testify if needed, but also to hopefully cause the hearing officer to concentrate on the case. We have never once done a telephonic hearing. In our opinion, a telephonic hearing is a guaranteed loss. It is a complete and utter waste of time.

We will bring an expert witness to the hearing if needed. Such an expert may be able to testify as to the effects of a rising blood alcohol content (BAC) on the BAC that would have been measured if the client had his or her BAC measured when last driving, rather than 30 minutes later.

An expert may also be brought to the hearing to testify as to how gastroesphageal reflex disorder (GERD) or mouth alcohol can elevate the breath alcohol sample above what one’s blood alcohol content is.

Or the expert can testify as to a second test of the blood alcohol content from the sample from our client given after the arrest. The expert may testify as to not only the level, but whether the blood sample contained excessive levels of iodine, the anticoagulant or was contaminated otherwise. An expert at a DMV Hearing may be quite helpful, however, the expert does have fees that the client must pay.

DMV Results

The DS-367 is one of the most important documents in a DMV hearing. It is a statement under oath by the officer about physical impairment observed, the reason for the traffic stop, the preliminary alcohol screening (PAS) test results and, if there is a refusal to submit to a test, about the admonition given by the arresting officer to the driver. The document is packed with information that is helpful to showing errors in the police officer’s handling of the case and violation of Title 17 of the California Code, which is the controlling statute for a DMV hearing.

For a discussion of some of the arguments that we often make concerning the validity of the traffic stop, or the meaning of the field sobriety tests, please refer to the short explanation of our DUI results under our listing of “Select DUI Results.”

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