San Pedro, Receiving Stolen Cell Phone, Case Not Filed

Our client worked as a carpenter.  One day, he reported to a job site and proceeded to clean out an area of trash near where he needed to work.  The trash included beer cans, urine-smelling abandoned clothes, newspapers, leaves and a cell phone.  It appeared that maybe a homeless person had been living in the alcove.

Our client looked at the cell phone and realized he could use it for himself if he charged the battery and replaced the SIM-card.  Coincidentally, our client had lost his own cell phone, so he was pleasantly surprised to find the cell phone.
What One Should Learn from This Case Summary:  No case filed against a carpenter in San Pedro who finds a cell phone among trash, charges it to power it up, replaces the SIM card with his own SIM card and uses it.  Greg Hill goes to Harbor Division and speaks with handling detective in person, who orders our client released from jail (avoiding bail) and the case not filed.
Once he got home, he was able to charge the phone and, once it had sufficient power, he attempted to call a few of the recent contacts to return the phone to its rightful owner.  Unfortunately, each person who he called was unable to help him.  Our client gave up on trying to return the phone and put his own SIM-card into the phone to use it for himself.

One person who he did call later knew something was suspicious.  He called the real owner of the phone, who contacted the Harbor Division of the Los Angeles Police Department.  The Police Department then called our client about two weeks after our client had been using the phone, using the number on the cell phone, and asked our client to report to the station.

Our client did so and was immediately arrested on felony charges of receiving stolen property and bail was set at $30,000.  The client tried to explain how he had found the abandoned property, but the police did not seem to listen.  It was a nightmare.

Our client then called Greg Hill & Associates.  Greg Hill immediately went to the 77th Precinct and spoke to the client to understand the story.  On the same day, he then went to the Harbor Division of the LAPD and was luckily able to speak with the handling detective. 

The handling detective was initially very skeptical of the explanation our client had of the events, especially because the abandoned property explanation seemed “too convenient.”  However, once Greg Hill was able to explain that the SIM-card used was from the rightful owner and that the original SIM card was not sold, but present at our client’s home. 

Moreover, our client was being billed for use of the phone since he was using his own SIM-card.  In other words, the client was not attempting to use the phone for free and have a bill sent to the real phone’s owner. 

Greg Hill also explained how our client was a trusted citizen, working on homes in Rolling Hills and Palos Verdes Estates when the owners were on vacation.

The following day, Greg Hill brought the same detective the original SIM-card for the phone and the detective ordered our client released from jail.  No case was filed against our client.  Our client was extremely happy, as his work supported a large family.

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