El Segundo, Selling Alcohol to a Minor, Case Dismissed

Our client, age 26 and with ambitions of becoming a police officer, was entering a 7-11 in El Segundo.  He was going in to get a cup of coffee.   As he got out of his car, two young men, appearing about 20, approached him in the parking lot and asked him to buy them a six pack of beer.

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Our client initially told the two no, but the two young men followed our client and kept asking him, eventually blocking his entry to the 7-11 and demanding our client buy them some beer.  The young men allegedly told our client that they were under 21 and could not buy beer.  They motioned to get out their wallets to hand our client some money. 

Our client was fearful he was going to be beaten up or have his car vandalized while he was inside the store if he did not agree, so he agreed.  He was then handed $10 and asked to get a six pack of Coors Light.

Our client then did buy the beer and was promptly arrested as he handed the beer to the two youths while exiting the store.   

He was immediately placed in handcuffs, transported to the El Segundo Police Station and cited for violating Business and Professions Code § 25658(a), selling an alcoholic beverage to a person under the age of 21.
Synopsis:  Airport Courthouse, client charged with buying alcohol to police decoys under age 21 in operation shoulder tap, case resolved for 5 days of community service and dismissal.
The client came to Greg Hill & Associates almost in tears, fearful that his dream of becoming a police officer was over.  Greg listened to his story of feeling as if he had been entrapped or coerced into buying the beer for the youths.  He felt that the store’s security video would show how he was cornered and how he initially tried to resist the two young men.

The thought of just getting in his car and driving away to the next coffee shop never crossed his mind, he said.

Greg recommended that the client bring him a “Good Guy Packet” showing his awards, certificates of accomplishments, letters of recommendation and his resume.

Greg Hill & Associates then hand-delivered a Demand to Preserve Evidence to the manager of the El Segundo 7-11 to demand that the 7-11 preserve and turn over the store security video for the time and day of our client’s encounter with the police decoys.  The 7-11 had video cameras outside the entrance to the store where our client was cornered.

At the arraignment in the Airport Courthouse, the prosecutor explained that there was no video of the sales transaction and told us that the initial plea bargain would be a plea to violating Business and Professions Code § 25658(a), two years of summary probation, a $200 fine, plus penalties and assessments (about a $900 total payment) and ten AA meetings. 

Greg Hill advised the client of the rather harsh deal, but did not give up.  At the next hearing, Greg negotiated a dismissal of the complaint if our client would perform five days of community service.  Our client was quite happy and accepted the deal, knowing that if he did the five days of community service he would avoid a conviction that might ruin his career goals.

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