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Criminal Defense Articles 659-701

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  1. What Does It Mean to Be a Registered Arson Offender?
  2. Why Is Trial So Expensive?  Why Can’t It Cost $1,000?
  3. Cop Finds Meth in Car During I.D. Search: Meth Suppressed?
  4. Do Excess Custody Credits Reduce Community Supervision Time?
  5. What Is Veterans Court? Who Is Eligible? How Does It Work?
  6. What’s Second Chance Women’s Re-Entry Court? Who’s Eligible?
  7. What Is Drug Court? Who Is Eligible and Ineligible?
  8. What Is the Sentenced Offender Drug Court (SODC)? Diversion?
  9. What Is Co-Occurring Disorders Court (CODC)? Jail Involved?
  10. May a Judge Limit Voir Dire to 25 Minutes in a Murder Trial?
  11. What Does Prop 57 Do for Juvenile Cases in Adult Court?
  12. If Granting Prop 47 Relief, Must Judge Lower Total Sentence?
  13. What Are My Rights to Marijuana Now That Prop 64 Has Passed?
  14. Can Prop 47 Change a Federal Sentence of Life in Prison?
  15. Under Prop 57, What Is Full Term for the Primary Offense?
  16. What Are Nonviolent Offenses under Proposition 57?
  17. Can a Suspect Prevent an Inventory Search by Locking a Car?
  18. Do Gang Enhancements (P.C. § 186.22(b)) Bar Prop 47 Relief?
  19. What’s a Motion to Examine the Source of Bail (PC § 1275.1)?
  20. What Is a Harvey / Madden Motion for a Police Audio Tape? 
  21. I Want to Change the Courthouse (Venue) for My Case.  Can I?
  22. What Is Escape (PC 4532(b)(1)) If One Is on GPS Monitoring?
  23. I Need to Get a Bail Bond – What Information Helps?
  24. What Is a Motion to Suppress Evidence?  How Is It Done?
  25. What Is a Motion to Quash a Warrant & Suppress Evidence?
  26. What Is a Gray-Area Faretta Request to Represent Oneself?
  27. Mistaken Identity?  What Can One Do?  Motion for a Lineup?
  28. How Do I Prevent My Prior Conviction from Being Impeachment?
  29. Must I Still Go to Jail or Prison If I am Disabled?
  30. Restitution – What Things Are Allowed in a Criminal Case?
  31. Can I Get Bail While My Appeal of My Felony Is Pending?
  32. Caught for Taking Undersized Lobsters? Punishment? Defenses?
  33. I’m Going to Lie in Court – What Happens If I’m Caught?
  34. The Prosecutor Was Unethical in Trial and Won – Now Appeal?
  35. My Attorney Won’t Do What I Tell Him to Do – Fire Him?
  36. What’s the Difference Between a No Contest and Guilty Plea?
  37. When Can the Police Serve a Bench Warrant That Is for Me?
  38. I Received a Subpoena – What Should I Do? Ignore It?
  39. I Got a Subpoena; Am I Too Far Away?  Do I Get Witness Fees?
  40. I Was Arrested, But Not Cited and Released – Illegal?
  41. Licensing Consequences of a Doctor with a Conviction?
  42. Consequences of a Conviction for a Teaching Credential?
  43. Licensing Consequences for an Attorney Convicted of a Crime

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