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Criminal Defense Articles 566-613

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  1. Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Trial Verdict Reversed

  2. Does Prop 47 Reduce a Federal Sentence of Life in Prison?

  3. Is a Prison Hunger Strike Likely to Lead to Violence?

  4. Is Vehicle Code § 10851 Eligible for Prop 47 Relief?

  5. Can Prop 47 Apply After a Felony Conviction Is Expunged?

  6. Diversion Programs in California for Armed Forces Veterans

  7. Expungement of DNA Record if Prop 47 Relief Granted?
  8. Prop 47 Relief Does Not Guarantee a Shorter Sentence
  9. What Is Possession of a Controlled Substance for Sale?
  10. What Is Possession of Meth for Sales (H & S § 11378)?
  11. What Is Possession of Marijuana for Sales (H & S § 11359)?
  12. What Is Vehicular Homicide (California Penal Code § 192(c))?
  13. What Is Molestation of Child under 18 (Penal Code § 647.6)?
  14. What Is Insurance Fraud?  The Punishment?  Defenses?
  15. Restitution Proper in Sex Offense Case for Mental Suffering
  16. Can a Visual Estimation of Speed Suffice for a Traffic Stop?
  17. Charged with Attempted Murder?  Defenses?  Punishment?
  18. Violating Home Detention Rules Can Be a Felony Escape
  19. What Is Murder (P.C. 187)?  The Defenses?  The Punishment?
  20. Does Carrying a Loaded Firearm on His Person Include in a Backpack?
  21. Second Degree Murder vs. First Degree Murder – Differences?
  22. Prop 47 Relief Denied on Grand Theft Conviction – Why?
  23. Is a Crime Committed As a Juvenile Invisible As an Adult?
  24. What’s Voluntary Manslaughter, the Punishment, the Defenses?
  25. What Is Involuntary Manslaughter?  Defenses?  Punishment?
  26. What Is Battery?  What Are the Defenses?  Punishment?
  27. Is Felony Evading Arrest Subject to AB109 and County Jail?
  28. Is Possession of Counterfeit Money Subject to Prop 47?
  29. What Is Child Abuse?  The Defenses?  The Punishment?
  30. What Is Check Kiting?  The Defenses?  The Punishment?
  31. What Is Extortion or Blackmail?  The Defenses?  Punishment?
  32. Is Using a Stolen Credit Card Eligible for Prop 47 Relief?
  33. What Is Money Laundering?  The Defenses?  The Punishment?
  34. What Is Identity Theft?  The Defenses?  Punishment?
  35. What Is Internet Fraud?  The Defenses?  The Punishment?
  36. Can One Agree to a Plea Bargain Waiving Future Good Time Credits?
  37. What Intent Is Required for Illegal Re-Entry to the U.S.?
  38. Does California’s Implied Consent Violate the 4th Amendment?
  39. Extortion Conviction Affirmed for Website Owner & Operator
  40. Theft by False Pretenses by Not Paying Cab Driver?
  41. Prosecutor’s Gang Expert Testimony Is Hearsay – Reversal
  42. Sentencing Enhancement for Gang Benefit in Norwalk Reversed
  43. Can First Degree Burglary Occur If an RV Is the Dwelling?
  44. Does Prop 47 Apply to Strike a Sentencing Enhancement?
  45. In Selecting a Jury, Should One Google Potential Jurors?
  46. Does Penal Code § 459.5 Include Theft by False Pretenses?
  47. Is Negligently Late-Filed Petition to Commit an SVP Barred?
  48. Can a Judge Condition Prop 47 Relief upon Plea Withdrawal?

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