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Criminal Defense Articles 1-51

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  1. A Warrantless Search Can Expand from Your Friend to You
  2. Can One Be Convicted of Grand Theft for Not Paying Rent?
  3. State Court Rules DNA Collection Is Unconstitutional
  4. In Sex Crime, Can a Statue of Limitations Be Flexible?
  5. Appeals Court Overturns Conviction for Possession of Ecstasy
  6. Is There a Forensic Evidence Hearsay Exception in DUI?
  7. Importing Pot Conviction Overturned for Misuse of Rap Sheet
  8. Is Trademark Infringement an Aggravated Felony for Removal?
  9. Is an Endurance Athlete’s Fitness a Disadvantage in a DUI?
  10. Standard Sex Offender Probation Conditions in Orange County
  11. Warning: Your Cell Phone May Support More Serious Charges
  12. Be Careful What You Bring with You When Visiting in Jail
  13. AB109 - A Prison Sentence Can Be Served in County Jail
  14. Store Security Video Evidence Alone Can Convict Shoplifter
  15. Is a Police Sniff Dog That Makes Mistake Still Reliable?
  16. If Police Do Not Read Me My Miranda Rights, Dismissal?
  17. Court of Appeals Clarifies Animal Cruelty Laws in Big Case
  18. Can Police Use One's DNA in Saliva to Re-arrest Someone?
  19. Ecstasy Opinion by Appeals Court Sure to Cause Misery
  20. Warrantless Search of FedEx Package Improper; Case Dismissed
  21. Conviction for Underage DUI Not the Same As a Juvenile Plea
  22. DUI Double Jeopardy: Is Military NJP a Bar to Civilian Case?
  23. Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Constructive Possession
  24. Is Being Unconscious While DUI a Defense to Murder Charge?
  25. Searching a Car with a Warrant - OK If Person Detained?
  26. Conviction Is Overturned for Lewd Acts upon a Child
  27. Can Pandering Be Charged If Victim Is Already a Prostitute?
  28. When Can Grand Theft Via Embezzlement Be Many Charges?
  29. Is Life with No Possibility of Parole (LWOP) OK for Juvenile?
  30. Potential Economic Loss Not Recoverable in Counterfeit Case
  31. Penal Code § 290 Obligation Not Changed When Felony Reduced
  32. Drug Evidence Suppressed When Police Improperly Stop Vehicle
  33. Reduction Denied in Federal Sentence for Drug Courier
  34. Beware of Computer Co-ownership If It Is Used for a Crime
  35. Fifth Amendment Rights under Miranda and Voluntary Comments
  36. Residency Restrictions Improper for Illegal Sex Overseas
  37. Murder Conviction Reconsidered When DA Withholds Evidence
  38. What Happens at an Arraignment and Why? Is It Like Trial?
  39. Right to Cross-Examine Expert Violated If Expert Absent
  40. Does Consent to Search a Vehicle Mean Just One Search?
  41. Faulty Warrant Affidavit Does Not Always Invalidate Search
  42. Conspiracy Liability Very Broad for Robbery – Beware
  43. No Contest Plea in New Case Can Mean Probation Violation
  44. Will Homeowners Insurance Reimburse for Pot Police Take?
  45. Cell Phone Ticket - Driving Includes Being Stopped at Light?
  46. Restitution in Burglary Case Can Include Receiver of Loot
  47. Once You Receive Miranda Warnings, Just Stop Talking!
  48. Ten New Laws for 2012 to Consider for Criminal Consequences
  49. Sentencing a Mentally Disordered Person Can Be Tricky
  50. The Fruit of a Poisonous Tree Doctrine Applies to Admissions
  51. Is Expungement Worth It? What Does It Really Do for Me?
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