Redondo Beach, Robbery Using Knife, Home on Probation

Our juvenile client was charged with two counts of Second Degree Robbery (Penal Code section 211), a felony, and one count of Carrying a Dirk and Dagger (Penal Code section 12020(A)(4)), also a felony.  The case was brought in the Inglewood Juvenile Court.

The alleged victims of the robberies, in a Redondo Beach park, claimed that our client had threatened to beat them up if they did not hand over a cell phone and a bicycle.  Our client was later detained by the police and when searched, they found in his pocket a knife with a blade approximately five inches long.  Our client was riding the bicycle and had the cell phone in his pocket.  The cell phone and bicycle were returned to the “victims,” who themselves were young teenagers.
The Point of This Summary:  Client already on probation commits armed robbery in park using a knife.  Case filed in Inglewood Juvenile Court.  Case resolved with home on probation (HOP) although judge first recommended incarceration at California Youth Authority.
At the time, our client was on probation for an earlier shoplifting incident.

Our client was a bright young man with potential to go on to a four year college, however, he had began associating with a bad group who abused alcohol and several other types of drugs.  Our client’s family was in the midst of battling serious health issues of our client’s father and, to make matters worse, both parents were employed in the real estate industry, which was experiencing the worst downturn in eighty years. 

Our client, however, had a mature approach toward the descent he had entered into from once straight-A student.  With his family’s full support, he checked himself into an in-patient drug treatment center in Lancaster for six weeks and seemed to be “fixing” his judgment and self-discipline.

The judge hearing the case recommended the California Youth Authority for our client, citing to his multiple charges and drug/alcohol abuse.   The judge described him as in “a downward spiral.”

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Inglewood Juvenile Courthouse

Greg Hill of Greg Hill and Associates, however, was able to convince the court to allow our client to remain on HOP (home on probation) so he could take the SAT and have the chance to escape the local area, which was ripe with opportunities for the client to get into trouble.  The judge, skeptical at first, then agreed to allow such an arrangement.  Greg knew that this particular judge had two children in high quality local colleges, so she would appreciate the value of taking the SAT and the opportunities it could open for our client.

The District Attorney then allowed a disposition of the case pursuant to a plea bargain wherein she would dismiss one count of Second Degree Robbery and Carrying a Dirk and Dagger, but our client would plead no contest to the remaining count, which was one count of Second Degree Robbery, to be released home on probation.  Pursuant to the terms of the plea, he would have to perform 100 hours of community service and write an essay for the judge about theft and drugs and why each were illegal.  The estimated time period to be home on probation was one year.

The client was very happy, as was his family, as the client avoided a disruption in his school and was able to keep alive his chances of attending a four year college.

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