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Criminal Defense Articles 519-565

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  1. Why Do Police Ask If a Driver Has Diabetes in a DUI?
  2. Prop 47 Relief on Prior Drug Convictions – Where to File?
  3. Little Known Facts About Your Rights in DUI and the DMV
  4. Convictions for Pimping & Pandering with Character Evidence
  5. What Is a Motion to Reclassify a Felony As a Misdemeanor?
  6. Does Prop 47 Apply to Joyriding (Vehicle Code § 10851(a))?
  7. L.A. County Case with Liberal View of Prop 47 & PC 484e(d)
  8. What Is the Marital or Spousal Privilege? Its Limits?
  9. Immigration Issues: 2013 Motion to Vacate 1989 Conviction?
  10. Four Facts About Miranda Rights That Everyone Should Know
  11. What Is a Protective Sweep by Police? When Is It Improper?
  12. How Lap Band (Gastric Bypass) Surgery Affects BAC in a DUI
  13. Can a Judge Require Polygraph Tests for Sex Offenders?
  14. What Is Vehicular Manslaughter (Penal Code § 192(c))?
  15. Police Promise of Leniency, Then Confession – Inadmissible?
  16. Prop 47 Can Apply to a Conviction for Joyriding (VC § 10851)
  17. What Is Manufacturing a Controlled Substance (H & S 11379.6)?
  18. What Is Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (H & S § 11364)?
  19. What Is Possession of a Controlled Substance & the Defenses?
  20. What Is Transportation of a Controlled Substance (H&S 11352)?
  21. What Is Annoying or Molesting a Child under 18 (PC § 647.6)?
  22. Prop 36 If One’s Resentenced, How Do Excess Credits Apply?
  23. Prop 36 Resentencing Denied Due to Prior Juvenile Rape
  24. What Is Auto Insurance Fraud (Penal Code §§ 548 – 551)?
  25. What Is House Arrest and the Sentinel Monitoring System?
  26. Do Community Property Principles Bar Inter-Spousal Theft?
  27. Can Sleepwalking Be a Defense to Attempted Murder?
  28. The Effect of Intellectual Disability on Sentencing
  29. Can Proposition 47 Alter a Negotiated Plea Bargain?
  30. Felony Resisting Arrest (P.C. § 69) Conviction Reversed
  31. Shoplifting, Diversion & Immigration Problems – What to Do?
  32. Can an Unconscious DUI Suspect Consent to BAC Test?
  33. Cultivating Marijuana Conviction and Prop 47 – Eligible?
  34. Felony Second Burglary, Based on Fraud – Prop 47?
  35. The Federal Court Interpreters Act & Waiver of Interpreter
  36. Carrying Concealed Gun in a Car = Crime of Moral Turpitude?
  37. Penal Code § 1368, Mental Competency & Declaring a Doubt
  38. Must Police Always Knock and Announce Before a Home Search?
  39. What’s a Crime of Violence for an Enhanced Federal Sentence?
  40. What’s Spice and What Punishment for Its Possession or Sale?
  41. Does Life without Parole Possibility Violate 8th Amendment?
  42. What Advantage Is There to Waiving a Preliminary Hearing?
  43. May Police Lie About the Reason for Traffic Stop?
  44. The Right to a Speedy Trial When One Must Be Extradited
  45. If Child Witness Refuses to Testify, 6th Amendment Violated?
  46. Early Termination of Probation – What Does a Judge Consider?
  47. What Is a Brady Violation?  What Could Happen to the Case?
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