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Criminal Defense Articles 319-369

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  1. Restitution in Financial Elder Abuse Case Includes Interest
  2. Traffic Stop When Officer Lacked Reasonable Suspicion
  3. Selling Copies of Adobe Software Is Copyright Infringement
  4. Are Miranda Warnings Required Before Asking If in a Gang?
  5. When Is Lifetime Supervised Release Proper for Sex Offender?
  6. The Sixth Amendment & Asking Witness About a Lab Report
  7. Dissuading a Witness by Invoking Muslim Custom As Resolution
  8. Irvine's Law Barring Sex Offenders from Entering Parks
  9. Right to Speedy Trial Violated by 7 Years to Murder Trial?
  10. Counterfeit Sales Illegal If Customers Knew Items Fake?
  11. Cooking Meth with Children Present a Prison Sentence
  12. New Three Strikes Law No Help to Spousal Rape Conviction
  13. Is Right to Speedy Trial Violated with 2 Year Delay in DUI?
  14. Can Passage of One Fraudulent Check Lead to Three Crimes?
  15. Speedy Trial Right Violated after 33 Years Passes for Murder?
  16. May Judge Extend Summary Probation Beyond Three Years?
  17. Fourth Amendment Violation If Guest Lets DEA Agents In?
  18. Can Restitution to Victim Increase After Probation Ends?
  19. Are Lie Detector Tests a Valid Probation Condition?
  20. What Is a Penal Code § 995 Motion under California Law?
  21. Expungement Available for Attempted Sex Offense (PC 288)?
  22. Should I Appeal? What Is the Standard the Court Applies?
  23. How Do I Get Bail Reduced? What Factors Are Considered?
  24. I Got a Bill from the CHP After My DUI – What Should I Do?
  25. Kidnapping for Prostitution (PC § 267) Conviction Affirmed
  26. Must Defendant Be Present in Court If There Is a Trial?
  27. Is a Misdemeanor Arrest Legal If the Officer Saw Nothing?
  28. Charges Upheld for Soliciting Forcible Rape and Sodomy
  29. Restoring the Right to Own a Firearm After Being Convicted
  30. Is a Confession Valid After 9 Hours of Police Questioning?
  31. Can't I Tell the Judge & Prosecutor That I'm a Good Person!?
  32. Juvenile Found in Possession of Less Than an Ounce of Marijuana
  33. Using Booby Trap to Kill Police Warrants Sentence Increase
  34. Do Anti-Immigrant Comments by Judge Invalidate Sentence?
  35. Is a Swiss Army Knife a Dirk or Dagger (PC § 16470)?
  36. Conviction Reversed for Commercial Burglary Despite Evidence
  37. Lower Standards for DUI Stop Based on Anonymous 911 Call
  38. Probation Condition Vacated for Sex Offender Dating Liberty
  39. Is Shackling Defendant with Leg Restraints During Trial OK?
  40. Restitution Award of $3.4 Million Vacated in Child Porn Case
  41. Is Double Jeopardy Violated in a 495 Year Sentence?
  42. Conviction for Refusing to Submit to DUI Test Reversed
  43. No More Presumptive Life Term for Certain Juvenile Offenders
  44. When Can the Dismissal of Certain Jurors Be Illegal?
  45. Sentence of 50 Years for Teenager for Murder Proper
  46. Cash Seized from Suspected Drug Dealer Returned to Him
  47. Rape Conviction Overturned Because Uncharged Act Introduced
  48. Must the Jury Agree upon Only One Theory of Murder?
  49. Can One Be Exempt from Post-Release Community Supervision?
  50. Illegal for Police to Use Doctor to Get Drugs from Rectum?
  51. May a Judge Restrict a Sex Offender's Internet Use at Home?
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