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Criminal Defense Articles 210-264

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  1. Thirteen New Crime-Related Laws Becoming Effective in 2013
  2. Federal Judge Incorrectly Classifies Crack Seller As Career Offender
  3. Lady Consents to Sex with Impersonator of Boyfriend - Rape?
  4. What Is Meeting a Child for Lewd Purposes (Penal Code § 288.4)?
  5. May a Judge Remove an Unruly Defendant from the Courtroom?
  6. Seventeen Year Old May Be Charged As an Adult with Murder?
  7. Defenses to Possession of Child Pornography (PC § 311)?
  8. Questions Answered About an Ignition Interlock Device (IID)
  9. Restitution Order Improper If Calling for Immediate Payment
  10. Accessory to Shoplifting and Burglary Charges - Defensible?
  11. Second-Time DUI Offender’s Prison Sentence Upheld on Appeal
  12. Longer Sentence for Sex Case Defendant If PC 290 Registrant
  13. Conviction Upheld for Disassembled AK-47 Assault Rifle?
  14. Judge Makes Mistake Letting Jury Hear Drug Cartel Evidence
  15. Sentence Set Aside When Federal Judge Makes Mistake
  16. Resentencing 3 Strike Sentence Has Documentary Challenges
  17. The Right to Show Victim's Prior False Sex Assault Claims
  18. Sixth Amendment Violated If Informant Testifies in Disguise?
  19. Confrontation Clause of Sixth Amendment and DNA Evidence
  20. Requirements to Involuntarily Commit the Mentally Retarded
  21. Disturbing the Peace Sentence of 25- Year-to-Life? Really?
  22. Restitution Award Vacated Because Calculation Not Rational
  23. What Is Receiving Stolen Property (Penal Code § 496)?
  24. Detective's False Promises of Leniency Overturn Conviction
  25. Traffic Stop for Texting Proper When Driver Parked, Texting?
  26. In DUI, Police Can Download Car's Computer to Show Speed
  27. Immigration Consequences of Criminal Threats (PC 422) Plea
  28. Is My Call from Jail to My Attorney Really Private?
  29. Drug Dog's Incorrect Signal Can Give Police Probable Cause
  30. May the DA Charge Me with More Than What I Was Arrested For?
  31. Petition for Factual Innocence (PFI) under PC 851.8 Denied
  32. Which County Will Prosecute - Crime Happened in 2 Counties?
  33. A Juvenile Strike May Prevent Serving Time in County Jail
  34. The Megan's Law Website Should Be Used by Police Only
  35. Cruel and Unusual Punishment by 30 Years to Life Sentence
  36. Probation Condition Authorizing Warrantless Searches Upheld
  37. May a Sentence Enhancement Be Applied Twice for Same Day Act
  38. Evidence of Prior Resisting Arrest Incidents Improper
  39. Warrantless Use of Police Dog on Front Porch Improper
  40. LAPD Officer Convicted of Solicitation of Prostitution
  41. 10 Things to Do (Please!) If Police Stop You for DUI
  42. Lifetime Sex Offender Registration for Child Porn Possession
  43. Restitution Owed When Probation Terminated, Case Dismissed?
  44. What's a Criminal Street Gang for a Sentencing Enhancement?
  45. Probation Violation After the Probationary Period Ends?
  46. Federal Sentence Enhancement Proper for Person Deported?
  47. Police Can't Draw Blood without a Warrant If Suspect Refuses
  48. Disturbing the Peace Case Not a First Amendment Violation
  49. Delusional Man Convicted Making False Claim of Citizenship
  50. What Should I Wear to Court? What Should I Bring to Court?
  51. What Is Being an Accessory in Assisting Parolee Abscond?
  52. When Can a Judge Attach Conditions to Bail or Deny Bail?
  53. What Are the HAM and MADD VIP Programs? What Is the Fee?
  54. If the Government Destroys Evidence, Is Dismissal Mandatory?
  55. If a Pitchess Motion Is Granted, the Judge Reviews Records
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