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Criminal Defense Articles 156-209

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  1. The Police Asked Me to Be an Informant- Should I?
  2. The Right to Bear Arms and Carrying a Dirk or Dagger
  3. Destruction or Spoliation of Evidence Causes Big Problems
  4. Will the DA Dismiss the Case If the Victim Will Not Testify?
  5. 25 Year Sentence for Failure to Register As Sex Offender?
  6. Conviction for Dissuading Witness for Gang Benefit Reversed
  7. Victim Must Know of Danger to Have Conviction for Assault
  8. Can Police Look at My Text Messages If I Am Arrested?
  9. The Police Took Your $$: You Can Get It Back, Plus Interest
  10. Can There Be Residential Burglary of an Uninhabited House?
  11. Can Residential Burglary Happen If from Closet in Entryway?
  12. Anonymous Cell Phone Call to Police Leads to Stop for DUI?
  13. How Much Custody Credit Do I Get? What Factors Matter?
  14. Second-Time DUI and Restricted License After 90 Days?
  15. What Are Criminal Threats and the Defenses to This Charge?
  16. What Is Resisting Arrest under Penal Code § 148(a)(1)?
  17. Felony Vandalism Charges Proper by Adding Damages?
  18. What Is “Resisting Arrest” under Penal Code § 69? Defenses?
  19. What Is Arson (Penal Code § 451 and § 452) and Its Defenses?
  20. How Many Counts of Indecent Exposure (Penal Code § 314)?
  21. Multiple Punishments for Single Act Violates Penal Code § 654
  22. Wiretap Information Leading to Seizure of Cocaine Denied
  23. Use of BB Gun Can Be Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  24. A Juvenile Court May Not Transfer Case to Adult Court
  25. Sixth Amendment Met When Lab Report Author Not Available?
  26. Police Detention Is Illegal Based on Resemblance to Suspect
  27. Medical Marijuana Collective Can Defend under Prop 215, MMPA
  28. Confession Inadmissible If Shorter Sentence Promised for It
  29. Can an Out of State Conviction Count As a Strike in CA?
  30. In Vandalism, Does Restitution Include Investigative Costs?
  31. When Must a Juvenile Be Sentenced to a Juvenile Facility?
  32. Can Involuntary Manslaughter Be from 8 Year Old Injury?
  33. DUI Conviction Based on Ambien-Induced “Sleep Driving”?
  34. What Is Kidnapping and Aggravated Kidnapping? Defenses?
  35. Can Restitution for Totaled Car Include Car Loan Interest?
  36. What Is Child Abduction (Penal Code § 278)? Punishment?
  37. What Is Assault (Penal Code § 240)? Defenses? Punishment?
  38. Street Racing As Assault with a Deadly Weapon (PC 245)?
  39. What's Reckless Driving (Vehicle Code § 23103) & Punishment?
  40. What Is Vandalism and Graffiti (Penal Code § 594)?
  41. Conviction for Possession of Materials to Produce Meth
  42. Juvenile Sentence of 100 Years Is Cruel and Unusual?
  43. Expungement Not Available When Probation Terminated?
  44. Forgery Charges Although Defendants Impersonated No One?
  45. Removal for Alien Convicted for Use of Drug Paraphernalia
  46. Ten Year Restraining Order Proper for Female Stalker?
  47. Attempted Criminal Threats Although Fear Unreasonable?
  48. Certificate of Rehabilitation Improper - Recent Drug Offense
  49. DUI Arrest Proper When Man Stumbles in Middle of Road
  50. What Is Indecent Exposure (Penal Code § 314)? Defenses?
  51. Convictions Reversed When Based on 'Kill Zone' Theory
  52. Deportation Risk No Exception to Expungement Requirements
  53. Voluntary Manslaughter Upheld for Killing Thief of Pot Crop
  54. What Is a STATIC-99 Report? How Is It Used and Why?
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