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Criminal Defense Articles 52-103

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  1. Conviction Reversed for Mailing Criminal Threats to Many
  2. Why Is a “Wet Reckless” (VC 23103) Better Than a DUI?
  3. Conviction Reversed for Prosecutor Withholding Evidence
  4. Indicated Sentence and Illegal Plea Bargaining by a Judge
  5. Drug Diversion Programs – Comparing Prop 36 and PC 1000
  6. Evidence Excluded for Police Using GPS without a Warrant
  7. What Is the Sixth Amendment Right to a Speedy Trial?
  8. What Happens and What's the Purpose of a Preliminary Hearing?
  9. Judge May Prohibit Medical Marijuana for One on Probation
  10. What Are the Immigration Consequences of a DUI Conviction?
  11. Second Probation Violation Hearing After First Hearing Ended
  12. License Suspension Despite Improper Calibration of Device
  13. Conviction for Second Degree Murder by Child Neglect Upheld
  14. Can the Unfairness in the Three Strikes Law Be Fixed?
  15. Red Light Camera Ticket Thrown Out When Records Improper
  16. Sexting Conviction Requires Sex Offender Registration
  17. Double Jeopardy Bars Punishment for Street Terrorism
  18. What Happens If Police Say I Refused a Breath or Blood Test?
  19. Immigration Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction
  20. Immigration Consequences of a Conviction for Shoplifting
  21. Immigration Consequences of a Conviction for a Drug Offense
  22. Conviction Reversed for Burglary by Acetylene Torch at Store
  23. Is Collection of DNA from a Felony Arrestee Constitutional?
  24. Court Vacates 150 Year Sentence by Dismissing 3 Strikes
  25. False Impersonation Conviction Reversed by Appellate Court
  26. Elder Abuse for Embezzlement & Moving Heir Out of House
  27. Conviction by Red Light Camera Is Upheld on Appeal
  28. Five Years of PAS Device Records Found Inaccurate in San Francisco
  29. What Is a DMV Hearing for a DUI? What Should I Know?
  30. Double Jeopardy Bars Conviction for Criminal Threats
  31. Systematic Child Abuse Over Time Can Be Aggravated Mayhem
  32. What Is a Motion for Civil Compromise and How Does It Work?
  33. What Is Split Sentencing in a Plea Bargain or As Sentence?
  34. Is a Four Year Delay Before Filing Murder Charges Improper?
  35. Is the Fifth Amendment Violated If Silence Cited by DA?
  36. What Is a “Rising BAC” Defense to DUI and What Facts Help?
  37. What Is the “Mouth Alcohol” Defense in a DUI Case?
  38. Sentencing Alternatives for Military Veterans (PC § 1170.9)
  39. How Does an Infraction Differ from a Misdemeanor in CA?
  40. Is Your Bail Too High? Can It Be Reduced and If so, How?
  41. Two Attacks Thirty Minutes Apart, Is It One or Two Strikes?
  42. What's a Wobbler? Can a Felony Be Changed to a Misdemeanor?
  43. What Is the Difference Between a Misdemeanor and a Felony?
  44. New Petty Theft Limit Changes Some Grand Theft Convictions
  45. Jail Term and Cannot Miss Work? What Is Private Jail?
  46. Can Felony Child Endangerment Lead to PC 290 Registration?
  47. Consecutive, Not Concurrent Sentences, Upheld in Sex Case
  48. Defenses to Evading a Police Officer Depend upon the Facts
  49. Illegal Disability Placards Use Can Lead to Serious Charges
  50. Willful Conduct Required for Felony Hit & Run Conviction
  51. Mail Fraud Charge Proper in Case Involving Drivers Licenses
  52. What Is a Critical Needs License and When Is It Issued?
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