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Criminal Defense Articles 470-518

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  1. Prop 47 - Must One Ask for Relief or Is It Automatic?
  2. Restricted Driver’s License for Second, Third & Fourth DUI
  3. My Driver’s License Is Suspended –What Should I Do?
  4. What Are Attorney Objections to Evidence in Court?
  5. I Need My Criminal History – If It Is Wrong, What Do I Do?
  6. If a Prosecutor Overlooks Facts, Is a Plea Bargain Invalid?
  7. May a Judge Order Additional Restitution If Defendant Violates Probation?
  8. Does Prop 47 Apply to Offenses Related to Drugs or Theft?
  9. Prop 47 – Who Has the Burden of Proof on Resentencing?
  10. When Is a Traffic Stop by Police a Detention for a DUI?
  11. Police Fail to Notify 290 Registrant of Duty to Re-Register
  12. Must a Judge Always Give Option of Lesser Included Offense?
  13. What Punishment Do I Face for Underage DUI (under age 21)?
  14. Do You Face Charges Related to a Chop Shop (VC § 10801)?
  15. New Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program (Vehicle Code § 42008.8)
  16. Cyber Gang - Banging, a Murder, the SCA and Facebook Posts
  17. Evading a Police Officer a Violent Felony under Federal Law?
  18. Insurance Broker’s Financial Elder Abuse Conviction Reversed
  19. Voluntary Manslaughter and Heat of Passion Circumstances
  20. Murder Conviction Overturned When DA Hides Sniff Dog Problem
  21. Certificate of Rehabilitation in CA for Michigan Sex Crime?
  22. Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity? What Is Required?
  23. May Police Point Their Guns at You Based on Anonymous Tip?
  24. I Went to Court. No Case Was Filed Against Me. Celebrate?
  25. Medical Marijuana Cultivation Expert Disqualified at Trial
  26. Can Proposition 47 (Prop 47) Increase One’s Sentence? Yes
  27. Beware of the Civil Consequences of a DUI or Sex Case
  28. Teen Avoids Strike under One Strike Law in Sex Crime
  29. Is It Burglary to Seek a Full Refund for Items on Sale?
  30. Bedroom Search Based on Misinformation: Evidence Suppressed?
  31. May I Be a Sheriff with a Conviction for Battery (PC § 242)?
  32. DUI Stop When Passenger Flicks Cigarette Ash Out Window? No
  33. Is Having Child Porn on a Temporary Internet File Illegal?
  34. Does Proposition 47 Apply to Joyriding (VC § 10851(a))?
  35. Ninety Year Sentence Void for Juvenile Convicted of Murder
  36. Is Attempted Burglary of a Vehicle Covered by Prop 47?
  37. Is a Promise to Disobey a Police Officer’s Order a Crime?
  38. Are Theft by Forgery Convictions over $950 Prop 47 Eligible?
  39. Can a Prosecutor Reinstate Charges If I Seek Prop 47 Relief?
  40. Prop 47 Does Not Apply to Receiving a Stolen Car, PC 496d(a)
  41. What Probation Conditions Are Unconstitutionally Vague?
  42. Prop 47 & PC § 484e(d)– A Liberal View of Theft Offenses
  43. Second Degree Murder Based on DUI from Meth Affirmed
  44. Juvenile Probation & Electronics Search Conditions – Legal?
  45. Does Prop 47 Apply to Theft of a Cell Phone from a Locker?
  46. Civil Case Versus Cops for Unreasonable Detention and Search
  47. Does Felony PC § 459 Qualify under Prop 47 As PC § 459.5?
  48. What Can an Employer See in My Criminal History - Arrests?
  49. Restitution in Graffiti Case - $18,878 for 32 Incidents?
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