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Criminal Defense Articles 419-469

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  1. Mistrial Granted When DA Asks Over 100 Leading Questions
  2. Electronic Home Monitoring - How Do I Request This?
  3. Does Prop 47 Apply to the Three Strikes Reform Act?
  4. Is a Certificate of Rehabilitation Possible After 17(b)?
  5. Can Restitution Be for Victims Not Named in the Complaint?
  6. Probation Violation with a 'Joint Suspended' Means Prison?
  7. Registration As a Sex Offender under Penal Code § 290?
  8. How Long Is Too Long for a Warrantless Cell Phone Search?
  9. U.S. Supreme Court Changes Legality of a Traffic Stop
  10. Penal Code § 4573.5, Bringing Contraband into Jail?
  11. Criminal Threats without an Oral or Written Threat? Yes
  12. New Crime Related Laws for 2015 to Keep in Mind Now
  13. When Can Judge Reduce a Felony to a Misdemeanor (PC § 17(b))?
  14. Is It Proper to Require DNA Samples from Felony Arrestees?
  15. Are Honey Oil & Dabs Covered by Compassionate Use Act (CUA)?
  16. AB 109 Violates Prop 36, the Court of Appeals Finds
  17. Is a Warrantless Blood Draw Proper If Suspect Fights Police?
  18. What Are Community Service, Community Labor and Cal-Trans?
  19. Can a Criminal Trial Proceed without Defendant Present?
  20. What's Grand Theft (PC 487) & the Defenses to This Charge?
  21. Admission to Psychotherapist of Sexual Abuse Not Privileged
  22. Will the Judge and / or Jury Be Told I Am an Illegal Alien?
  23. What Is Formal Probation? Difference from Summary Probation?
  24. The Punishment for Public Intoxication (PC 647(f))?
  25. What Is Home on Probation (HOP) in a Juvenile Case?
  26. When Might a Warrantless Forced Blood Draw Be Legal?
  27. Fish and Game Violation? It May Become a Federal Case!
  28. Is a Smell of Pot Enough to Search Someone for Weapons?
  29. Expunged Convictions and State License Applications?
  30. What Is a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP)? Consequences?
  31. Eligibility for Sealing and Destroying a Juvenile Record?
  32. Can One Be Convicted of Two Counts of Rape for One Act?
  33. DUI Checkpoint Stops -Can This Method Beat Them? We Say No
  34. Judge Makes Mistake in Denying Motion to Withdraw Plea
  35. I Visited Someone in Jail--What Do the Shirt Colors Mean?
  36. Permitting Another to Carry a Loaded Firearm in a Vehicle
  37. Dog Sniff of Car Improper If Driver Driving on the Shoulder
  38. Conviction Related to Acting As Gang Member OK If Act Alone?
  39. Must Probation Conditions Require Defendant's Knowledge?
  40. Trial on a Possession of Marijuana Below 28.5 Grams Case
  41. Criminal Threats on Facebook - We ''Like'' This Ruling
  42. When Is a Juvenile's Confession to Police Involuntary?
  43. Court Improperly Finds Wisconsin Conviction a Prior Strike
  44. Charged with Conspiracy? What Must the Prosecutor Prove?
  45. What’s J.O.I.N. & Who’s Eligible for This Diversion Program?
  46. What Is Marsy’s Law and What Does It Provide a Victim?
  47. What Is a Harvey Waiver and How Does It Affect Restitution?
  48. I am or Know a Victim of Elder Abuse – What Should I Do?
  49. Proposition 47 (Prop 47) Now Applies to Juvenile Cases
  50. Can Death Threats in a Rap Song Be Criminal Threats?
  51. What Is an Ex Post Fact Law and When Can It Matter?
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