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Criminal Defense Articles 370-418

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  1. May a Judge Disqualify Public Defender without a Conflict?
  2. Red Light Camera Ticket Upheld with Evidence Authentication
  3. Convictions for Trespass and Vandalism for Juvenile Are Reversed
  4. Protective Order OK If It Bars Contact with Non-Victims?
  5. Do Police Need a Warrant to Search Your Cell Phone?
  6. Restitution Order of $425,655 Proper If Causation Unproven?
  7. Manslaughter with Great Bodily Injury Sentence Enhancement?
  8. Great Bodily Injury Enhancement for a Dislocated Finger?
  9. Aiding & Abetting Reversed When DA Withholds Rap Sheet
  10. Is a DUI or a Wet Reckless Possible on a Bicycle? Really?
  11. Smuggling Someone to the U.S. Can Be Kidnapping for Ransom
  12. Dine and Dash Can Be Charged As Felony Petty Theft?
  13. When a Gang Sentence Is Not a Gang Enhancement
  14. Conviction for PC § 288.3 If the Minor Is 2,000 Miles Away?
  15. What Is Defrauding an Innkeeper (Penal Code § 537)?
  16. Red Light Camera Ticket with No 30 Day Notice Affirmed
  17. Useful Information About California State Prisons
  18. The Right to Challenge a Probation Fee Forfeited by Silence?
  19. Can Silence After a Car Crash Be Used Against Someone?
  20. Order to Provide Probation One's Social Media Passwords?
  21. What Is a Plea Subject to or Pursuant to People v. West?
  22. What Is a Pretext Call in a Sex Offense Case & Why Dangerous?
  23. Waiting Period for Requesting Certificate of Rehabilitation
  24. Getting Police Records Via a Pitchess Motion Now Easier
  25. When's a Police Detention Illegal under the Fourth Amendment?
  26. Got Caught Shoplifting; Now Store Trying to Sue for $400?
  27. May the DA Comment upon My Sexual Orientation to the Jury?
  28. In a DUI, May an Officer Rely upon Old Law to Draw Blood?
  29. What Is the Law on Self Defense? What Are the Limitations?
  30. What Do DUI Field Sobriety Tests (FST’s) Actually Show?
  31. What Punishment Do I Face for a Second DUI? Jail Time?
  32. The Cops Lied to Me and I Confessed - Case Dismissed?
  33. Legal That a Truant Juvenile Be Tracked by a GPS Device?
  34. Can I Disqualify the Judge If I Think He or She Is Prejudiced?
  35. Must Fingerprint Records Be Destroyed If Court Grants PFI?
  36. What Punishment Do I Face for a Third DUI? Jail Time?
  37. Dismissal When Police and Prosecutor Fail to Preserve Video
  38. Sexually Violent Predator Reporting to Police Every 90 Days?
  39. Is a Sentence of 25 Years to Life Proper for Non-injury DUI?
  40. Proposition (Prop) 47 and What It Means for Sentencing
  41. AB 2124 - Court Diversion Program in LA County
  42. Anonymous 911 Call Admitted into Evidence without Authentication?
  43. AB 109 Doesn't Always Change Prison to County Jail Sentence
  44. Do Presentence Custody Credits Apply to Time at Patton?
  45. Civil Restraining Order and Criminal Domestic Violence Case?
  46. Multiple Criminal Cases? Can They Be Joined? Split Up?
  47. Does DUI Conviction in Another State 'Count' As a Prior DUI?
  48. What Is Evidence Code § 1109 in a Domestic Violence Case?
  49. I Committed the Same Crime Several Times - Multiple Counts?
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