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Criminal Defense Articles 265-318

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  1. Motion to Suppress Evidence of Discarded Gun Denied
  2. Arson of an Inhabited Structure Includes a Motor Home?
  3. Dog Owner Is Criminally Liable for His Dog Biting Neighbor?
  4. Is the Prosecution Allowed to Add Charges During Trial?
  5. What Is Summary Probation? Do I Report to Anyone?
  6. Probation Violation Can Lead to Seven Years in County Jail
  7. What Punishment Might I Face for a First-Time DUI?
  8. Permissible to Take DNA from Accused of a Serious Crime?
  9. What Punishment Do I Face for Shoplifting? Probation?
  10. What Punishment Do I Face for Public Urination? Jail Time?
  11. What Punishment Do I Face for Violating a Restraining Order?
  12. What Punishment Do I Face for Domestic Violence? Jail Time?
  13. What Punishment Do I Face for Possession of Marijuana?
  14. What Punishment for Charge of Solicitation or Prostitution?
  15. What Punishment Do I Face for a Probation Violation?
  16. What Punishment for Driving without a Valid License?
  17. What Punishment Do I Face for Driving without Insurance?
  18. Expungement on Joint Suspended Sentence Is Available
  19. Burglary by Trick - Putting Laptops in Printer Box
  20. Motion to Withdraw a Plea When Judge & DA Said No Strike
  21. Punishment for Making Annoying Phone Calls or Texts?
  22. Can Burglary Conviction Enhance Sentence for Felon & Firearm?
  23. Case Filed in CA Dismissed Because Acts Happened in Hawaii?
  24. Court May Exclude Molestation Victim's Sexual History?
  25. Convictions Overturned for Possession and Sales of Ecstasy
  26. What Is the WIC 654 Program for Juveniles Accused of Crimes?
  27. Diversion, Delayed Entry of Plea & Deferred Entry Judgment
  28. Unlicensed Practice of Medicine Although No Patients Seen?
  29. Drug Trafficker Shows Faulty Search Warrant Affidavit
  30. Juvenile Sentence of 254 Years for Sex Crime Set Aside
  31. DMV Rejection of Rising BAC Evidence Affirmed - Why?
  32. Plea Withdraw If Not Warned of Adverse Immigration Risks
  33. The Right to a Timely Probation Violation Hearing: 3 Months?
  34. Medical Marijuana Certificate a Defense to Pot Sales?
  35. May Court Impose $2,450 Fine If Plea Bargain Silent on This?
  36. Expungement of an Infraction? What Benefit Is This?
  37. What Happens for Being a Minor in Possession of Alcohol?
  38. What Is a “Trial Tax?” Why Should I Consider This?
  39. Travel to Canada If Convicted of DUI or Facing a DUI?
  40. Court Makes Mistake in DUI Case by Doubling Sentence
  41. Judge May Not Use Confidential Information to Increase Bail
  42. Registration As a Sex Offender Required If Plea Did Not?
  43. 51 Month Sentence for Illegal Re-entry to U.S. Proper
  44. What Is Statutory Rape? What Are the Defenses? Punishment?
  45. I Missed Court for a Traffic Ticket Trial: What Should I Do?
  46. Why Hire a Private Attorney? Why Not the Public Defender?
  47. What Is a Certificate of Rehabilitation? How to Apply?
  48. Can Bail Bondsmen Solicit Bail by Meeting Someone in Custody?
  49. Are Breathalyzer Tests Meaningless? CA State Supreme Court Says No
  50. What Can I Do About My Criminal Record on the Internet?
  51. Is a 'No Association' Probation Condition Proper?
  52. Illegal for Police to Use Informant with Criminal History?
  53. Lifetime Ban on Owning a Firearm Applies After Misdemeanor?
  54. Court Decides California Sex Offender Law Unconstitutional
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