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If you want to read about our probation modification, expungement and petition for factual innocent cases, please click on the case summaries below to read a detailed description of each case.
  1. Palos Verdes Estates, Statutory Rape, Conviction Expunged
  2. Torrance, Early End of Probation, Evading & Resisting Arrest
  3. Rancho Palos Verdes, Three Drug Convictions Expunged
  4. Long Beach, Domestic Violence (PC 273.5) Conviction Expunged
  5. Compton, Grand Theft (Penal Code 487) Conviction Expunged
  6. Alhambra, Battery, Early End of Probation & Expungement
  7. Alhambra, Fight in Restaurant, PV 241, Convictions Expunged
  8. Compton, Health & Safety Code 11351 Conviction Expunged
  9. Hermosa Beach, Visa Problem in Canada, Expungement of DUI
  10. Westminster, Second Time DUI, Probation Terminated Early
  11. Torrance, Man up for Promotion, 3 DUI Convictions Expunged
  12. Torrance, 12 Convictions (Drugs, DUI) for One Man Expunged
  13. Torrance, DUI, Probation Ended Early & Expungement
  14. Redondo Beach, Probation Ended Early & Expungement, DUI
  15. Harbor City, Sex Offense with a Minor, Conviction Expunged
  16. Manhattan Beach, Probation Ended Early & Expungement, DUI
  17. Torrance, Shoplifting at Kohl's, Probation Ended Early
  18. Van Nuys, PC 243(c) Conviction Expunged, Client a Realtor
  19. Torrance, Grand Theft, Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor
  20. Torrance, Domestic Violence, Probation ended Early & Expunged
  21. Petition for Factual Innocence (Penal Code § 851.8) Granted
  22. Torrance, Domestic Violence, Probation Ended After One Year
  23. Torrance, Indecent Exposure (PC 314(1)) Conviction Expunged
  24. Whittier, Wet Reckless, Probation Ended Early & Expungement
  25. Torrance, Statutory Rape (PC 261.5), Conviction Expunged
  26. Hermosa Beach, Client Unable to Work in Canada, Expungement
  27. Redondo Beach, DUI, Probation Ended Early & Expungement
  28. Hermosa Beach, PC 415, Probation Ended Early & Expungement
  29. Long Beach, VC 23103, Probation Ended Early & Expungement
  30. Murietta, Wet Reckless, Probation Ended Early & Expungement
  31. Airport Courthouse, Modification of Probation & Expungement
  32. Redondo Beach, Modification of Probation & Expungement
  33. Compton, Withdrawal of Plea from 2004, Deportation Averted
  34. Metro Court: Early Termination of Probation, Expungement
  35. Bellflower, Wet Reckless, Probation Ended Early, Expungement
  36. Compton, DUI, Petition for Factual Innocence Granted
  37. Mohave, Expungement of Failure to Appear Conviction
  38. Bellflower, Expungement of 28 Year Old Conviction for PC 476
  39. Torrance Prostitution Conviction Expunged from 1999
  40. Bellflower, Shoplifting, Early End to Probation, Expungement
  41. Metropolitan Courthouse, Early End of Probation, Expungement
  42. Torrance & Metropolitan Courts, Expunge 2 Overlapping DUI’s
  43. Early End to Probation, Canadian Work Visa Issues Solved
  44. Ridgecrest DUI, Early Termination of Probation, Expungement

Anyone who reads more than one or two of the above summaries will realize that it is far more difficult, especially recently, to modify probation early so as to end it, particularly in certain types of cases.

Expungement, or more properly described as a petition for dismissal (nowhere in any California statute is the word “expungement” used), is far easier.  As long as a person is qualified, the judge must grant the petition.  If probation has been successfully completed or is terminated early, and the defendant is not then serving a sentence, on probation, or charged with any offense, relief must be granted.  People v. Hawley (1991) 228 Cal.App.3d 247, 249, 278 Cal.Rptr. 389.

In other words, a defendant is entitled as a matter of right to the benefits of Penal Code § 1203.4 upon a showing that he or she has fulfilled the conditions of probation. People v. Chandler (1988) 203 Cal.App.3d 782.

This is based upon California Penal Code § 1203.4, which provides that in any case where a defendant has fulfilled the conditions of probation for the entire period of probation and probation has terminated and the defendant is not then serving a sentence for any offense, on probation for any offense, or charged with the commission of any offense, the court must, upon defendant’s application, set aside and dismiss the information. Penal Code § 1203.4, subdivision (a).

Any case is not all cases.  Expungement is not available in any case where one was sent to state prison or one was convicted of violating:

California Penal Code § 288 (lewd acts with a child);

California Penal Code § 286 (sodomy with a child);

California Penal Code § 288a (oral copulation with a child); or

California Penal Code § 261.5(d) (statutory rape when the defendant is 21 or older and victim is under 16).

In our experience, it is very rare to be convicted of one of the above four offenses and not be sent to state prison.

In contrast, a motion to modify probation in any way is addressed to the sound discretion of the court.  California Penal Code § 1203.3, subdivision (a) provides that “[t]he court shall have authority at any time during the term of probation to revoke, modify, or change its order of suspension of imposition or execution of sentence.” See e.g., People v. Allen (1975) 46 Cal.App.3d 583, 588.

Therefore, we find that if one is seeking to have probation ended early, it can be smart to attend additional Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) classes or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) classes if such classes were part of the terms of probation.

  Likewise, if one had to perform community service, it is smart to do more community service in exchange for a better deal from the court.  After all, probation is a contract with the judge and to sweeten the contract, the party seeking the improved deal ought to give more to get a better deal.

In present times, many people are struggling to find work or get a promotion.  It is this reality that judges often have not experienced, being longer term government employees.  Judges are often skeptical or cynical of this situation or claim.  District attorneys often also have a callous attitude toward such claims unless they have some real world experience struggling to find a job.

It is therefore wise not to make such employment difficulties the only basis for the request, as judges have surely heard such arguments before.  There needs to be more to the request that distinguishes the motion from all others.  We find it is best to provide concrete facts or specifics that the judge can maybe appreciate.

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