Greg Hill & Associates, criminal defense attorneys in Torrance, understand how being charged with DUI, Tampering with a Vehicle, Domestic Violence, Drug Offenses (including Drug Possession), Shoplifting, Commercial Burglary, Resisting Arrest or other crimes can shatter lives.

Why Hire a Private Attorney Instead of Using a Public Defender?

If you or a loved one have been arrested, call us.  We appear most often in the Torrance, Long Beach, Compton, Airport, Metro, Downtown Los Angeles, Alhambra, Bellflower and Downey courts.  We also appear in other courts throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties.  We can help you.

We handle all misdemeanor, felony and restraining order cases.  Our experience, compassion, hard work and skill have helped us gain a reputation for great results.  Dismissals and reduction of charges are not uncommon for  our clients.


Greg Hill, a former Marine, is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate (Annapolis) and has been practicing criminal law for over 15 years as a criminal defense lawyer.  He has been recognized by the National Advocacy of DUI Defense (NAFDD) as one of the top 100 DUI Defense Attorneys in California as well as one of the 15 Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in the United States for 2014 as featured in

Alex Griggs, criminal defense attorney of counsel to our firm, has over 16 years of experience practicing criminal law, including federal and state court jury trials in murder cases, gang-related cases and complicated white collar crimes.

We will listen to you when you tell us what happened and what you want done. It may be that you opted for a public defender as your counsel, but you are unhappy with his or her enthusiasm and attention to detail. We apply our experience, knowledge of the law, savvy and familiarity with local judges and district attorneys in the Los Angeles area to help you.

Hiring Greg Hill & Associates as your criminal lawyer will let you sleep easily and go on with your life. We do the worrying for you. If you have been charged with a crime, whether in Long Beach, San Pedro, Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes or anywhere in the Los Angeles area, you need an aggressive defense. We are here to help you. Call us today. (310) 782-2500.